sonicorbiter/roon nucleus- power off when loosing network access?

I face some problems with sonicorbiter / seems, that the unit powers- off when loosing network connectivity. Can one confirm same issue? If one runs nucleus, does it has this problem as well?

MANY thanks folks!


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Do not have this problem - but then my SonicorbiterSE running SonicorbiterOS 2.6 (and thinks it is a mRendu) is not a typical platform - I only need it to run the UPnP Bridge, which it now does without issue.

It will be replaced by an UltraRendu running SOOS 2.6 with UltraCap in due course.

I run Roon Core through ROCK on an Intel NUC5i3, which works without a hiccup. I don't undertake any additional DSP, over MQA 1st unfold decoding of Tidal Masters or local MQA files.

You could also try the Sonore sponsored forum on the CA forum, see https://www.computeraudiophile...24-sonore-sponsored/


T38.45 posted:

Thanks for reply! I‘m in contact with smallgreen computer, they think it‘s strange that the unit switches off completely ( really power it on again)...

Is it actually powering off completely, or are you simply unable to connect to it?   I have a SonicTransporter and have never experienced this issue. 

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