Speaker cable between Uniti 2 & PMC 25.23 speakers


Currently have Townsend Isolda cable which I am told, is one of the worst cables to use with Naim. I'm happy with the sound but borrowed some Kimber 8TC cable at the weekend and preferred the Townsend.

Is it worth looking at NACA5 and what improvements would I expect with Super Lumina or is that overkill for my system?



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Hi Gordon

NACA5 will work nicely and many on here with systems much further up the Naim hierarchy swear by NACA5. 
Super Lumina is overkill for a Uniti 2.
I think there's a nice synergy with TelluriumQ, PMC speakers and Naim.
TQ Black II speaker cable - in my opinion - will sound better than NACA5 for a little more money.

At this level and with your PMC speakers, I think TQ Black II (and Ultra Black) gives a cleaner and smoother sound and wider  soundstage.
If you have a dealer you should take the opportunity to loan both NACA5 and TQ Black II to hear for yourself before buying.
Alternatively, take a punt on buying second hand and sell on if needed.


When I was using twenty.23s with a SuperUniti I preferred the TQ Black to the NacA5, though it’s very much down to peresonal preference. The SL is very much overkill, but if you have the cash to buy it and don’t need a CD player it would be well worth looking at a SuperUniti or a Nova, which will give greater power that the 23s thrive on. 

While isolda might not play nice with older naim, there's no reason you can't use it with current naim amps. I used mine with a nait xs and only switched to naca5 when I switched things around and couldn't at the time afford longer isolda. The nait was unaffected by using isolda.

Took a punt on Ebay and bought 2 x 1.5m lengths of NACA5 cable to compare to my Isolda cable.

Even after a couple of tracks, they difference was huge. Bass was weightier but in control and treble more controlled with the Isolda. Bit disappointed with the NACA5 to be honest so going straight back on Ebay!! 

mmmmmm....is there such a difference between a 1.5m and 3m length. One can quote resistance per m but I struggle to believe that 1.5 metres would make a difference in the real world.

The pair I bought were 2nd hand so were well run-in. 

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