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I know I've been a bit lazy ... I've just popped banana plugs at end end of my nana to use with my nap200 and Ovator 400. Is it really worth using the naim plugs at either end and why? thanks

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feeling_zen posted:

But they are not a commandment.

They are in this house.

Then again, I once met Paul, one of Naim's mechanical engineers, at a Naim event and came away with a very clear sense of the mechanical engineering effort Naim put into things, to make a good system great.


joerand posted:


Your profile does not state your cables, but otherwise having an all Naim system I'm not sure why you'd hesitate to use their plugs. I guess there's lots of silver and gold out there if you like bling.

If possible, the contact metals should match or be of similar properties. To that end, the Naim plugs are the best match for Naim gear (but there are other plugs out there of compatible materials.

Since the OP uses Naim speakers I think you would need a reason not to use them (such as completely unsuitable cables fo rthe plug). If you use speakers that have a non nickel terminal such as gold or brass, I do feel they are best avoided in favor of something closer.

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