Speaker upgrade Raidho X1 or Dynaudio C20

Thinking about to upgrade my speakers from Monitor audio rx2 to either Raidho X1 or Dynaudio Contour C20. Both same price as second hand. My room is 4m wide and 6m long  and my current system is  Naim 272 with 555ps and nap 300dr. Does anyone have experience with theses speakers, Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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Different speakers for sure. X1 doesn’t have much bass output and needs to spread wide from each other. C20 are much larger with lots of bass output. If you’re into rock I don’t think you’ll be happy with X1. If it’s acoustic music you like then you’ll love them. Both great speakers but your music will determine what’s best for you. 

Thank you for your answers. I mostly listen rock music like 60%, jazz and acoustic music %40. Only reason I have doubts about c20, in most reviews they say it is good only in high level volumes. As I live in an apartment, most of the times I cannot turn on the volume that much. Maybe up to 25-30 volume level with nac272.

About the floor stand, I tried monitor audio rx6 before, but rx2 is better in my place. Tat's why I keep looking bookshelf.  I also interested raidho X2 as floor stand, but it is over my budget and I couldn't find a second hand around my place. Maybe I should try different floor stands too.

I know it's the same old response so I'll try and make it humerus; 'before you spend you need a dem'. If the seller can't or won't then I'd steer clear. 'Spend on a whim and reflection is likely grim'. 'Spend at a dem, you’ll be happy in your den'. Whatever you choose, enjoy. Rich 

Dyns do need a big of nolune to sound best. That said I often to listen to mine around 30 on the 272 and I have no neighbors to worry about. I will say they do sound better at around 40 but that is loud. In my room I think 35 on the dial is 85-88 dbs. You may want to take a look Dynaudio S40 if you live in an apartment. Those seem like a very good value and should easily fill your apartment while saving some cash. Raidho XT-2 has been a want for me in the past but I’m happy with my Contour 20 for now. 

I’ve owned Dyn’s for many years and would agree that they generally need a bit of volume to come alive. I’ve heard C20’s at a show on the end of a NAP 300 in a large room. They are fantastic, unless you live in a mansion or want to make your ears bleed you don’t need floorstanders. 

I have a pair of S40’s which I am currently compelled to use in a smallish bedroom. I would be inclined to agree that they maybe don’t need to be played so loud as Contours to show their virtues and the suggestion they might be well-suited to your constraints seems a good one. 

I have no experience of Raidho speakers. 


To expand, I had my C1.3mkII’s in a room about your size for many years on the end of a NAP200. Mrs O told me to “turn it down” on many occasions and you could feel the bass in the room above and (particularly) the adjacent cloakroom. 


I listened C20s yesterday . They didn't have the nac272, so I tried with 252 instead. Do you think the pre amp makes a big different on C20s with nap300 ? And yes they sound good on high volume levels. I'll take a look to Dynaudio S40s to give my decision. I also find a good deal on Dynaudio contour 1,3se. Any thoughts about 1,3se?

For a start no point having a demo with a 252 take your 272 to the shop if you can’t home demo your speakers. 

If it where me and I’m sounding like a broken record here I would trade in the 272/555 for a 282/SC or 252/SC you can get a very small dac and streamer if you are worried about size and hide it out the way. 

So far as speakers are concerned be careful as the 300DR is a lot of amp and can over blow the bass with some speakers in medium sized rooms. 

airjordan posted:

I start thinking the same thing to replace the 272 with 252  . My only concern is, I've to buy headphone amp too

Yes but if you just want a headphone amp at least as good as the one in the 272, you don't need to spend a lot of money. A Rega Ear will do just fine. There are many others out there too. If you headphone experience is currently completely satisfactory, then it makes no sense to buy a headphone amp at the same level as the 252.

I’ve owned a CDS3 with 552/300 in the past, and now use a 272/300 and the latter, while not being as good is far from being a night and day or chalk and cheese difference as some might suggest. The RX2 was a £600 speaker when it was discontinued, and your electronics are compatible with something far, far better. For instance, my SL2s were over £6,000 when discontinued and work wonderfully well. So I’d stay focused on getting some good speakers. You can always upgrade the 272 later, but having heard and owned lots of Naim boxes over the years I know that it would cost a lot of money. It’s perfectly legitimate to choose speakers at the dealers using a 252, it’s Naim after all and sounds very similar. 

If you like the MA sound, why not go for Gold 100? They are light years ahead of your RX2. Both Raidho and Dynaudio have completely different sound signatures you might find not that enjoyable. You can even go for Gold 200 (they are quite slim). Truly spectacular and great VFM.

I'm a big fan of Dyns. I've used Contour S1.4 and S3.4, and now Confidence C2 Platinum on my Naim system. I also have a pair of Audience 52SE that I played on them for a couple days once. They all sound great to me at low, moderate or high volume, but I'm also driving them with a 250DR so that may make a difference. I'm told they are are good low volume speakers when you use better amps (250, 300, etc) that can provide better control of the speakers. My experience bears that out.

Sometimes I play classical and jazz at low volumes on my C2s after the wife goes to bed and they sound great.

Thank you all for your replies. Yesterday I listened Dynaudio contour 1,3se with nap300. This time, I took my nac272 with me I couldn't find much difference with C20 when compared their prices.

So as I decided to buy 1,3se, I start thinking about the speaker cables. With Monitor Audio RX2, I'm using supra rondo 4x4 biwire. I tried nacA5 and didn't like with RX2. Not sure which cable to use with 1,3se. Maybe, High fidelity ct1 or Ansuz ceramic speaker cable.

On my way home, I went to my friend's home to give his vinyl which he ordered. And saw his new speakers. Graham Audio LS5/9, with Sun Audio 300B amplifier. It was so musical and the level of clarity was very high. I don't know how it sounds with nap 300? But I'll try on Monday , and give my decision about contour 1,3se.  

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