Speakers for UnitiQute 2?

J Saville posted:

While the Kin Minis are a very fun little speaker, they are slightly lacking in the low frequency department. I would opt for a pair of Dreamcatchers instead, these are a magic combo with a Qute.

The Kin Minis are designed to work with the Kin Mini sub. They work well in a 2.1 setup and use up very little desktop space with the tiny sub hidden under the desk.

Iotas are stunning. Mine are approx 4' apart (UQ2 in between) on a deep tiled shelf in bedroom, 2" from back wall. Bass tight and deep, solid mids and the ribbon tweeter gives terrific highs (cymbals and hi hats so realistic with real zing and good decay). Look good as well (I went for satin black).

Another vote for Iotas , my parents have a Unitiqute and Iota set up for their music and TV . They are stunning for their size and I much prefer them over the Motive 2s I used to have . I've also recently set a friend up with a Unitilite Iota system and its so good it makes you think what you really need , very enjoyable . 

Just auditioned some PMC 20.21's, which sound fantastic with the UQ2! Maybe just a teeny bit large for desktop speakers, but a definite step up from the Kin Mini's and even the Iota's!

Probably gives more scope for a future NAP100 upgrade too.....?

Thanks all for the thoughts, and a Happy Christmas to all. Now if only S Claus Esq. can find a pair in Amarone .


"Fantastic" as an adjective for such small speakers (Neat Iotas), as always, must be taken in context.  I auditioned Neat Iotas as home for my UQ2, but given that I was not so space constrained, I went for bigger bookshelf speakers, Dynaudio Excite X12's.  Iotas are "fantastic for their size" in my vocabulary, but the bass was so lacking that I immediately realized I needed something bigger.  For a pure desktop situation, etc., if you are size constrained then yes the Iotas may not be beatable in a 2.0 format at that size.  (A small subwoofer under the desk might do wonders however.)

If you could only see under my desk .

I agree about the 'fantastic' comment though, definitely in the eye (ear?) of the listener, but I have always really liked the PMC 'sound', so must also confess to a degree of bias.

And the 21's are a cracking little speaker, apparently well suited to the UQ2, so that's probably done it for me. And to quote Mr Holder, "It's Christmaaaaaaaaas"! (Apologies for the festive excess).



Bart posted:
Ropehawn posted:

Guru Junior Plus if you can find them! They really are all they are cracked up to be.

I gave up trying to find Guru Jr's in the States

Likewise! I was looking for Juniors or even the QM10's - to no avail in the UK. Contacted the manufacturer and at the time they were looking for new distributors. No UK supplier to date I believe.

OP, have you considered the Russell K Red50's? They sound sublime with the Qute!

The Guru Juniors are really something rather special and whilst I realise that they are 'difficult' to get hold of, there are ways of getting hold of them (none illegal I hasten to add!). They will repay your perseverance with wonderful sound. 

I have had mine for 2 years now on the end of a CB Nait 2 and it would take a very, very special speaker to replace them. 

Not sure what the budget is here, but would recommend Shahinian Larcs. Expensive, but they can be sat upright to give a more open, yet enveloping stage, or laying down, acting more like a mini monitor with a decent amount of bass and feeling of great dynamics. FWIW

Yetizone posted:

Interesting, I have looked on the usual UK auction site and they only pop very rarely, the last ones were I believe a scam as well  

Where were you lucky enough to source your set?

I got mine from TomTom when James was the UK distributor. Paid for a pair after an audition in 2013/4. After months of nothing James lent me his demo pair and then a further 3/4 months I got my walnut pair. But they are very scarce. I don't know how many pairs made it to the UK in the end. Real shame as they are a phenomenal speaker that has sadly been blighted by manufacturing issues. 

I'm pretty sure you could import a pair from our European neighbours before we turn our backs on them and become more insular than we are already. 

Merry Christmas. 

I got mine this year directly from Guru (Erik Ring) shipped to the US it took 8 months of constant pestering him and I still don't have the wall mounts that I ordered. The lies were unbelievable, every day he would say they shipped, send me a tracking # and then days later would say they are getting picked up tomorrow or he was sick or his kids were sick..... It was a VERY painful process but in the end I could not be happier with the Junior Plus and I ended up with 2 pairs due to his mistakes!

Merry Christmas!

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