Spotify Connect in Naim streamers

I discovered Mu-so QB sounds better when using built-in Spotify Connect ability than playing Spotify through Airplay.

I use an older iPad to create Airplay connection to QB. Sound is muffled. Easy to listen, but sound detail is not there. Also bass level is increased versus treble.

When i let QB run Spotify Connect through LAN sound detail is increased and and treble frequenses are more leveled with bass. Overall sound is considerably better to my ears.

I am interested to hear your thoughts regarding Spotify Connect's sound in different setups.

Original Post

I would imagine the Mac itself has to convert the audio from native ogg votbis to a pcm stream to send  it via Airplay where connect your streamer is doing the conversion and is better at it. Or your settings on the app onmac are set to not us the highest quality, connect will use the highest bandwidth by default.

Ipad was using a recommended quality setting so i changed it to the best option spotify app offers. I haven't been able to properly compare settings yet to make assuption whether or not i hear a difference between options.

My first touch with Tidal was few weeks ago when I went to visit my local dealer and listen possibly my next setup Atom&Aria 926.  Tidal's sound quality was impressive on most cases. Also listened some songs using Spotify and the difference was there when repeating the same track first on Spotify then Tidal. For now though im running Spotify and trying to get the best out of its vast libraries.


I find Spotify Premium running on NDX/nDAC/555 sounds better than widely reported.  I have stuck with it despite trying and abandoning Tidal.  Of all the services I have tried (Tidal, Deezer, Pandora), Spotify is the most usable by the whole family: it has a catalog that covers bases for all of us, at a decent price.

I do not know why it sounds as good as it does — it sounds better than my Sonos Connect playing local lossless rips into the same system.

I am not arguing against others who differ, only suggesting everybody judge on her/his own.