Superb Live Recordings, post your favorites.

  1. "There is a special magic, an intimate vibrancy in a live performance which is impossible to recreate in the studio. I have often been asked to record live - a prospect which I have aspired to and dreaded at the same time - and I am delighted to finally have had the chance to do so. Here is some food for thought without any additives, sugar or preservatives. Enjoy." 
  2. This trio is still widely regarded as his finest, largely because of the symbiotic interplay between its members. Tragically, LaFaro was killed in an automobile accident ten days after this session was recorded, and Evans assembled the two packages a few months afterward. While "Waltz for Debby" -- in retrospect -- is seemingly a showcase for Evans' brilliant, subtle, and wide-ranging pianism, this volume becomes an homage, largely, to the genius and contribution of LaFaro. That said, however, this were never the point. According to Motian, when Evans built this trio based on live gigs at the Basin Street East, the intention was always to develop a complete interactive trio experience.
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Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton: Live From Madison Square Garden



Some great grooves and excellent guitar when Eric and Steve play against each other. Great bass lines and rhythm, oh  and Steve' vocals!


Just listen to them play Hendrix's Them Changes it just boogies!




playing it now, on vinyl for that live vibe 

On the same track as Europe 72 - Grateful Dead - Live Dead. The original vinyl is what you need (not the remix from 2003?). It's a superb recording and the  music is fantastic - it contains the definitive version of Dark Star.

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Agree with this one.  Here's another:


Funnily enough Tony I have the If You Want Blood album but never gave this one a listen. Maybe I need to as I see it posted here every now and again.

Yes, ewe. Can heartily recommend this. Have heard it one both CD and vinyl. Opening of Thunderstruck is visceral. 

The Boston concert from November 1979 is how they used to sound in the early days. I had a cassettte of their June 1979 concert in Paradiso Amsterdam, played it so many times until the tape broke - knew every beat of the drums by heart


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