Supercap DR Snaxo or Superline


i'm about to change one of my supercaps to a DR, just wondering on the forums thoughts to putting it on the snaxo 362 or superline

rest of the kit is LP12 fully loaded - 52/PS - half a dozen 135s - DBLs




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My vote would be the Snaxo. Purely on the basis that my non DR supercap is marginally more effective on my Snaxo than on my Superline vs HCDR on the other. Will be interesting for you to try out the different combinations though. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Lyndon - until very recently I ran a 52 in a similar system to yours ( just swapped to a 552). When I happened on a SCDR I needed to settle on shoving it on the 52, or the snaxo 362. Not the same choice you have, I do recognise.

It was most 'impressive' on the snaxo. But did a better job on the 52. I suspect it will do a better job for you on the Superline on the time honoured principle of source first. Arguably the SCDR will be a better power supply than your 52 PS, so sticking it on your snaxo will magnify the (slightly lesser) 52 PS. 

Sticking it on the Superline will just improve the front end. Point is you've got choices, and it will be fun trying them out.


So out of the box, its subtle 

more of the micro details- and once again more musical 

i know some of the DR stuff can take ages to settle, hopefully as this was S/H that won't be the case but I don't know how long it's been off for.

worth doing the upgrade- definitely, the upgrades that slowly creep up on you are harder to quantify unless you unplug everything and go back again 

its on a par with my last move and that was to upgrade a third of my speaker cables

i will definitely be going for a 2nd s/cap DR for the superline


I see you have a Booplinth, how does that compare to the standard ??



Hi Lyndon,

I thought the Booplinth was a pretty profound upgrade. It doesn't change the character of the deck but it does dredge out far more detail and drop the noise floor. It was a much bigger upgrade than the Kore. My dealers opinion is that it's a bigger upgrade than either Keel or Radikal. I can't personally testify to that but I do trust his word, although we don't always agree.

I know it's a faff but are you going to swap the DR onto the Superline to see if it gives a comparatively bigger gain in performance?



Its possible the supercap needs a few weeks to burn in, its S/H but I don't know how long its been off for

saying that I recently upgraded one of the speaker cables to an ex dem Sarum and that was amazing straight out of the bag with subtle improvements over the following couple of weeks.


Listened to it earlier, its starting to sing now, and across the board so I can discount the Sarum speaker cable

its made enough of an impact for me to  make enquiries for another DR, for the superline

hoping this year to DR the 2 supercaps and do a full loom Sarum

that just leaves 552 and 3 500's !!

2 years time will leave the smoke and head up towards Peterborough where I can buy a decent house with enough space to build a room big enough for all this to fit in 

and with the change buy some things beginning with 5 before the enemy makes plans

seems a good plan to me 


Hi MarksNaim

no, it just so happened 2 came about at similar times at prices not to be refused, so I didn't 

we have to remember,before I put these dr s/caps in, I wasn't exactly listening to an old tranny radio in the van !

worthwhile ? Yes

its kind of odd to describe but it is much more musical than before 

instruments sound more like instruments rather than speakers 

same for vocals 

and the inky blackness, been seeing people talk of this for years without a clue what they were on about until last year when I got shot of the briks and put the DBLS  in, the DR's to accentuate this blackness 

i would also say that just be this I changed one of the speaker cables from Epic to Sarum - that really was a massive uplift, but once again you will need the speakers that can make the most of these cables 


Or Booplinth'd

The only thing preventing me pulling the trigger on SCDR for my Superline is lack of space at the moment. I'll just have to be patient and maybe treat myself for xmas if the house remodelling is done by then.

Glad it's working out so well for you Lyndon.

Rgds Mark

Or Woodsong, 

thats the one that seems to be grabbing all the attention in the blue place

A Booplinth would certainly put paid to any ideas of a pet Panda Bear then !

Just for the record Mark, it was HeiHei above that provided the 2nd of my immaculate s/cap DRs, thanks HeiHei; how is the speaker hunting going ?



Impatience got the better of me again! Still won't have space for two Supercaps at the moment but can upgrade my Snaxo SC to DR. Will find out Thursday how my experience compares. My SC2 will go into storage until I have the space to put it on the Superline. Exciting!!

Well, change from SC2 to SCDR on the SNAXO was a pretty big uplift in performance. Then I managed to squeeze the SC2 in to power the superline and thats another big boost. And that's cold from the box. I expect there'll be more to come it warms up. Very happy and I think that's that for a long time now apart from the Fraim.

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