SuperLine + Rega RP10 + what cartridge?

Personally I found the Aria to be pig ugly next to my Naim boxes and with an Apheta 2 the Stageline was just as good and better in some areas (soundstage was wider with the Aria though).  It is pretty much the only piece of kit I have loaned from my dealer, apart from speakers, that I have taken back and he did warn me in advance that whilst it was different it wasn't necessarily any better in his view.  Simple solution is to find a friendly dealer and try them both/all

Wow, just shows how beauty really is in the eye of the beholder! An RP10 and Aria are on my upgrade shopping list - love the sound, and think cosmetically the Rega ps and Aria look really attractive. Different to the classic black boxes yes, but 'pig ugly' - not to my eyes!

The RP10 with Apheta 2 is a wonderful turntable. I think it must be one of the best value tts on the market.  I use mine with a twin psu NVA phono 2 and am more than happy with the results. Did so much foot tapping the other day that I nearly wore out my socks. Overlook this at your peril ! ��

I had problems with my original Apheta 2 and so it went back to Rega for a replacement.  In the interim, I installed an Audio Technica OC9/II - not the current version III - and it sounds terrific on the RP10 and cost around CAD$400 from an online retailer.  I understand the manufacturing process has been improved for the Apheta 2 to improve reliability and, although I have received a replacement Apheta 2, I'm continuing to enjoy the AT OC9 for now.  It seems a very cost effective and enjoyable option...

I absolutely love my RP10/Apheta 2. The only tt I would like to hear side by side is a Phonosophie P3/Armageddon/Aro/xx2 but I can't see that happening. A RP10 with the IOS is something special. Although I do not use the IOS I'm more that happy with the music coming from my speakers. The RP10 digs out a lot of detail from the groove and will allow you to use a vast range of phono stages. I think that the (obvious) secret is finding one that works for your ears. 

Frank Abela posted:

If memory serves I tried both my own 453 and the standard 500 plug, and I think the 453 was better. Most likely, the best would be a 400 plug since that is the same as the setting on the IOS Ref for that cartridge.


Hi All:

I have an RP10/Apheta 2 on the way, upgrading from a P9/Apheta 1. Its going into SL/SC - 282/SC -250-2 -S400. Anyone care to share any loading experiences for the Apheta 2? I currently use a 576R Z-Plug which has been great, but I'd be happy hear of other options if there is a better one.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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