Superline to NAC 252 - problem

Thank you all. It was the DIN socket for AUX2 output (blushing..)

(One time I sent my NAC202 for repair because it had no sound from the left channel... )

Well Superline is up and running. It will have to compeed with the Parasound JC-3. 

Half way into the Return to forever with Chick Corea it sounds like we have a winner - Superline plays the music rather the just deliver it.

Make sure the transit bolts are removed from underneath.  And yes, I always power down before changing load plugs. Don't be tempted just to unplug the SNAIC - that way you get nasty cracky noises and possibly bangy ones too - which leads to blown drive units in your speakers.

Anyway, as I'm sure you are on the verge of discovering, the Superline is really rather good.

Richard Dane posted:

Anyway, as I'm sure you are on the verge of discovering, the Superline is really rather good.

Richard, the Superline has always intrigued me, but I never really loved any of the Stagelines I've had -- too dark-sounding for these ears. How do you feel the Superline compares? Does it still have a touch of the dark/earthy presentation of the Stageline, or is it an entirely different beast?

Joe, yes, the Superline is something else.  It doesn't really fall into any extreme camp (neither too earthy, too bright, too cerebral, too romantic etc..), it's just exceptionally well balanced, natural and even handed.  Oh, and with that it's also very fast, dynamic, and rhythmically adept. Listening to some LPs through the Superline last night was one of those sessions where the performance is so epic you feel it couldn't get any better unless it was the original tape being played or was being performed for you right there, live.

The Superline is powered by the NAC252 - Olive Supercap. 

I will off course not be happy until a Supercap DR is in place.

Question being, keeping the Olive Supercap to use on either the 252 or Superline, or continue powering the Superline by 252, but now with the DR?

And yes, I can wait until DR is in da house and then decide for my self. But perhaps the DR isn't a must?

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