Supernait SN1 and Chord Mojo connection

I have recently bought Chord Mojo DAC for my headphones and I would like to try connect it to my Supernait SN1. Based on other post/recommendations I consider to buy "Audioquest Golden Gate 3.5mm to RCA" cable or some "custom made DIN to RCA". However, I was wondering if I could simply connect it to the front panel through "3.5mm analogue jack input". According to the manual, it is wired internally in parallel with rear panel aux1. What do you think about this solution?

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I have just embarked on a similar set-up - mojo (and poly in my case) into 252. Audioquest makes 3.5mm to DIN in a number of its ranges. I have Victoria. So I think a more precise description is 3.5mm output (from mojo headphone jack) to 5 pin DIN input on (pre)amplifier. At least, that's what I asked for and it works! Only just firing it up so won't comment yet on sound quality.

A few thoughts on mojo/poly (in particular for those like me who occasionally click on the ‘Streaming Audio’ link, scroll through a page or two of bewildering and troublesome topics and go back to the record player):

1) I like it. I chose poly because of the micro sd card - playback flexibility and less reliance on the internet. Also easy to switch from main system to office to car etc

2) After a half-day of mild cursing, bingo and the sound with apple lossless was pretty good too. Certainly enough for casual listening and trying new stuff

3) MP3 is awful - at least versus the apple lossless benchmark. Muddied and lacking verve 

4) Not a cheap experiment but in the grand scheme of things naim, reasonable. I’m optimistic that it will see some good use and I’m now more open to streaming 

5) Unsurprising message to naim - the entry level stuff needs to be as near as damn it to plug and play and easy to navigate (mojo/poly isn’t the former but it is easy to operate once you’re done with the swear box). Put differently, I started out with a Boots record player that my Nan bought in a charity shop, something like that anyway. Only now do I know the what and how of VTA and azimuth 

6) I finished my day’s listening with a new LP that I will recommend in the Music Room. The mojo/poly didn’t come close to that but it was enjoyable nonetheless and for me worthwhile - and maybe down the track it will be worthwhile for naim too! 

Thanks PF that’s useful feedback as im thinking of adding Poly to the mojo I have. The useability put me right off but I think they have the config app now which might make the setup bearable.

OP - Re the connection, Flashback also do a very reasonably priced 3.5mm to din cable for exactly this purpose, I used to own the SN1 but never tried the front panel input. It might be worth trying with a very cheap 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable but I suspect the 3.5mm to din preamp input would be the better option all round.


Re set-upability, the app helps a bit, but mainly it does what it says on the tin - go figure [it out yourself, stupid]. The initial hassles for me were connecting to WiFi (give the poly an overnight charge and then configure in your phone’s WiFi setting settings). It should then connect and do the firmware update that is required for the app. Also bite the bullet and buy a full-fat DLNA app, not the free ‘lite’ version. I paid £5.99. 

Dude, I’m so a tech head! This is how it starts... 

Thanks that’s v helpful - I’m not particularly techie but usually (go) figure it out eventually- Which full fat app did you go for? If it sounds anywhere near as good as ndx hooked up to mojo I’ll be very happy.

Greg - Poly is a streaming device exclusively for the chord mojo dac..