Superuniti "wired" option

Hi. Set up my new superuniti and it works fine over wireless - my music is on a synology NAS. All the forums suggest it is "better" to hard wire i.e. to directly connect, but I can't do this because the internet and and router are in another room. OK so the questions.

Best- means sound? or no drop outs? (which I don't have)

If best means sound- what do I need next  to the SU? a LAN switch ? The synology has a wireless usb stick in the rear. 

There is no schematic design with the set up book and so I am slightly lost. Couldn't find anything on the forum or internet. Am using n stream to control the unit.

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Better means no drop outs - there should be no difference in sound quality. I used my SU with wireless for a couple of years and now have it wired but that was for reliability not quality of signal.


If you have no dropouts save your money!

I use my SU wired as internet radio and hidef streaming won't work properly wirelessly, even though the router is only 5m from the SU. The received wisdom is that wired sounds best, but I've not compared. It might be an idea to connect the NAS to the router wired. The simplest wired setup is a lead to a switch, and wires frm the switch to the SU and the NAS.


One tip for you - turn off the digital output and disable all unused inputs. Not only will it sound a bit better, you'll only see the inputs that you use in nStream - in my case iRadio, FM and uPnP.

I was in a similar situation with the router in another room. Moving it to the living room wasn't an option. My Superuniti, Unitiserve and a repeater are all connected to a switch via cat5 cables. The repeater receives the signal from the router in order to download metadata. This works flawlessly 


I struggled with drop outs on hi-res files and some higher bit stream internet radio stations on my Uniti / SuperUniti.

I hard wired it to the network to avoid the drop outs, but it didnt change the sound (AFAIK!).


If you have no drop out issues, enjoy it as it is!


I had same problem with my Uniti, recently had decorated house, so ran cat 5 cable externally.

I used black cable , white not recommended owing to photo degradation of some plastics.

System works perfectly, far superior to wireless as I live in an old Victorian house with thick walls and an awkward shape.

Only problem with external cable was a bit of "finger trouble" when trimming ivy. ........ I stupidly snipped cable, , but now Ok again.