Synology DSM 6.1

Message for you folks who had issues with the last DSM & Media Server updates working together within a single core CPU.   A new DSM  Version: 6.1-15047-2 is in the hopper ready to auto release.   The fix list does NOT show anything related to your Media Server problems.  see  .....  ..... Its up to you.  

The new DSM 6.1-15047-2 has been released for auto update,  mine did so at its pre scheduled time this morning.    No news yet on the Media Server updates to work with the new DSM on single core CPU's.   I also found a Hyper Backup update downloaded & waiting for a manual update this morning. 


Do you know if they've sorted out the state error in Hyper Backup.  After doing the backup, the current one unmounts a drive that it didn't mount in the first place, leaving it inaccessible to the next backup.  In other words if you schedule a regular backup on an external drive, it can only ever do the first one in the series...  all subsequent backups in the series fail...   And that's a classic state error problem.

(A computer service should de-allocate resources it allocated itself but should never de-allocate resources allocated by another service - the other service may still need them and the called service cannot know if the resources are still required.)

Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question -- recent bought a Mu-so Qb and noticed when I stream to it from Audio Station using Airplay very scratchy audio.  No problems though with uPnP (either from Audio Station or pulling tracks to the Qb from the Naim App using Media Server).

The Airplay otherwise works from my iPhone and also a Mac.

Anyone else have issues with Synology's Airplay?  Or should I just ignore it, would the uPnP provide a better quality stream (such as with 24-bit FLACs, etc.)?



jjcantab, you probably won't find an  answer to your questions on here.  I'm not sure anyone uses Airplay,  & Audio Station is to enable streaming from your NAS across www, you are using the wrong application to feed NAS to Muso.      Playing music in the home from Synology to Muso (or any player) is done with Media Server (DLNA/UPnP)  or the 3rd party alternative Minimserver.  

Mike-B: Thanks, will use those going forward.  Though that said I did use Audio Station / DS Audio on the iPhone to stream to an Airport Express connected to an older hifi, so I expected that the Muso Qb would have worked with that.  But anyway, if uPnP will deliver a more "authentic" stream I'm all for it.

My uprade to DSM 6.1 partly killed my Unity Qute streaming from a Synology NAS via Synology Media Server.

I was getting "cannot connect", "cannot play track", all sorts of weird errors I had never seen before. Naturally I tried everything, reboots, re-indexing, etc, but to no avail.  I uninstalled and re-installed Media Server - no difference.

Finally (a bit random this) I unticked "Enable SMB Service" (accepted the warnings, etc) and then re-enabled it.  Everything has worked fine since. No idea why this should work or what the underlying issue was but it's fine now.

Hope this helps somebody!


Strange one that Cpt Black,  I've not heard that problem associated with SMB before.   I leave my SMB Service un-enabled as it causes a lot of hibernation wake ups.  I just enable it each time I want to have my PC or laptop get into NAS files  such as to upload a new album,  when thats done I un-enable again.  It's not needed for UPnP access to NAS files.  

CaptainBlack posted:

In case anyone is still tracking this thread the combination below is working fine now:

DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2
Media Service 1.171.-2820.



I did this DSM update recently on my DS115 with no problems. There was a warning that Minim wouldn't work any more if I did the update, but this turned out to be untrue, as Minim continued to work as normal afterwards.

Heads up you guys that had issues with DSM 6.1 on single core CPU

This morning some updates have come down the chute:

DSM 6.1.1-15101.     This has a whole list of changes.  ...........  bug & security fixes, support for scheduled RAID scrubbing & upgrade Samba to version 4.4.9.    Then it goes on to list 24 itemised fixes. 

Also in this release are some updates to the packages & includes a new Media Server  1.7.2-2830.   The release notes say its to make it compatible compatible with DSM 6.1.1.

Over to you,  hope it works OK this time

Further to the above.   The new DSM needs to be updated manually for some reason & not the usual auto-update.  I really don't know why as apart from pressing the go button it does it all itself,  needed me to sign in tho',   Not having done a manual update for a while, it did seem to take longer than I recall from the past.   Whatever its all working OK.

The Media Server software was installed 3 days ago & I had not noticed but when I opened up the 'Package Centre' it asks to acknowledge new terms & conditions.

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