System Pics 2018

christoph posted:

hi all, new flywheel and sds (power adapter and speed control) for the vpi, oppo 203 instead of dvd 5 (passed away), tom waits, orphans, vinyl (), same dog! happy christmas days for all! Christoph 

Good looking system with a serious looking turntable.  I particularly like the adorable Golden Retriever. 

HiFiman posted:
Joolzdee posted:
HiFiman posted:

Only change from last years system pics is the NAP250 from 1985 serviced a few months back at Naim and sounds immense.


Please could you tell me where the white rack is from?

Great looking system. 

Thanks Joolzdee. It' a cheap Ikea Kallax £25 with a home made adjustment where the XP5xs sits.

Very neat looking.


This is one of my favourite threads and we're already seeing some great looking systems.  However, am I the only person that finds having to constantly scroll through the same pictures in the "reply with quotes" posts frustrating?

Perhaps I should change my name to Mr Grumpy....... 

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