System Sounds - 2018

Searching youtube I came across a big mega budget system that sounded the same coming out of my iPad as a beer budget system.

Like those many folks who love to stick their smart phone up at concerts. You can only record a fraction of the experience.

Watching a record going around is probably as exciting as it'll get..

Actually, such a recording does reveal, to considerable extent, the sound of the room and the power response of the speakers (due to dispersion/off-axis-response of the speakers).  I have done this, listening to the recording of course with headphones.  As for the video part, not so sure...


If the recording of the personal system is done by a high end hd audio recorder, like nagra VI, and sent as a file to this forum, we would certainly be able to have a little idea of the sound quality of this system.  But It would  not be decoded by our ears but by our audio system.  So finally I seems to me that the Obsydian ‘s project is hardly possible to realize.

This is fabulous sounding even streamed off You tube  - Stereophiles Micheal Fremer plays a Jazz Record - I think the Cartridge is a Lyra Etna and the Turntable a Continuum and the arm a Swedish Analog Technology . A tonearm Micheal thinks is incredible as it should be retailing at 30 K......over 180 K of TT 

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