Tellurium Q Black or Silver Diamond Digital Waveform™ hf BNC?

I am looking for experiences with Tellurium Q Diamonds. 

Which are you suggesting for 282/250DR/nDAC/Neat Momentum 4i? The Black or the Silver? 

Someone told me the Black Diamond would be a better fit for naim/Neat. Is he right?  

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Adam Zielinski posted:

From your other post looks like other things are sorted.

One question before I revert back to speaker cables - what interconnect and HiCap / SC to NAP250 din-xlr are you using at the moment?

From the nDAC I am using a HiLine. And the other one is a SNAIC. 

michael1702 posted:
Hungryhalibut posted:

I think the OP asking about TQ diamond BNC digital cables, to connect an unknown source to the Naim DAC. I’d suggest thinking about the Naim DC 1 as an alternative - it’s certainly a lot less than £900. 

The source is an Allo DigiOne. 

The names of these things are getting dafter by the day. It sounds like a Star Wars greeting in a dodgy French accent. 

michael1702 posted:

After demoing the Tellurium Q Black went back yesterday. The DC1 is the clear winner. 

I used DC1 (BNC) for years to connect my USB bridge to nDAC but after lengthy comparison replaced it with Belden 1694 BNC, which costs like £20. Sold my DC1 and haven't looked back. Very much recommended. I have no experience with TQ's digital cables but their Black interconnect cable is superb. I've thrown half a dozen other DIN-cables against it and it always comes as a clear winner.

M37 posted:
michael1702 posted:

Wouldn't say that. But the DC1 is great and just a perfect fit for my system. 

No TQ silver demo then?

Neither one of the Tellurium Q dealers were able/willing to get me a Tellurium Q Black Diamond BNC/BNC for demoing. One dealer in Germany was very helpful though. When ordering he recommended the Black vs. the Silver in my setup with Neat Momentum 4i. It took me four weeks to get a Tellurium Q and I don't want to order a Silver Diamond unless I think there's a chance to keep it. 

As well as with my mains blocks demos I am convinced that naim makes great cables which really fit their systems. Though I'd like some interconnects which are mid-range price-wise. It feels a little strange to buy cables for my system which are made (and priced) for the Statement. On the other hand I have at least the cables and save a lot when my Statement might arrive in the very, very distant unforeseeable future.  ;-)

In in general I tend to keep with naim cables. They are the cables Naim voiced the equipment with. Also, with experience I have found cables change one set of priorities with an other. They tend to be different rather than fundamentals better. Like putting a colour filter on a picture. Better spend the money on better hardware to get a better picture. This has been my experience.

That said I got this from Alvin's Cables:

"12G HD SDI Video coaxial Cable Neutrik BNC Male to Male for 4K Video Camera"

It was Economical and was more persice and had less smearing than the DC1.

i use it between a HDX and nDac.