The greatest song the Beatles never wrote

'Come and Get It' is about as Beatles' a song you'll find not directly credited to the Beatles. McCartney wrote the song, constructed a demo in less than an hour playing all the parts himself, handed the demo to Badfinger, told them "play it just like this", then produced the song for Badfinger, an upstart band on the Beatles' Apple label. McCartney's final version of the song appears on the soundtrack for the film "The Magic Christian" and the demo version appears on The Beatles Anthology 3.

Not really a Beatles fan but I happen to think that "She's Not There" by The Zombies is a true classic and it was actually Crowded House's version that introduced me to it.  "Time Of The Season" is also pretty special.

As for Neil Finn, he is definitely up there as far as contemporary songwriters go.  I was fortunate enough to attend a live "rehearsal" by Crowded House" at Roundhead Studios recently - a truly special night!


I am not so into the Beatles, but one could argue Yellow Trump-Marine would have been a nice song....

But seriously, it would not make so much sense to compare as the music moved on and the typical qualities of a Beatles Song would sound now outdated.

So we would have to switch to the "Beatles" of our time, Coldplay....


And for the people who want to crucify me for comparing the Beatles with Coldplay, remember it's a free country, with freedom of speech.....

I loved my 4 friends down in the basement taking me on a fantasy as a kid. Left them for 30 years but when I first got NAIM kit they were back and now the best recordings on mono on a Palmer TT.  Had a 70yo friend here in PS who was in San Francisco late 60s and 70s did every drug possible and lived to get straight.  I played him Revolver and he was amazed, then put on Sgt Peppers and blew his mind.  What fun for old farts!!!

Some of Them Are Old, Brian Eno (Here Come the Worm Jets)

...had the Beatles carried on (and remained creative - hard to imagine, but hey), they would have produced the stuff Eno did after leaving Roxy Music, and before switching to Ambient.

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