The Song Remains The Same

Bailyhill posted:

I googled it and still don't have any idea what this is about.  Anyone care to educate me?


The Song Remains The Same, soundtrack album recorded by Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden NYC in July 1973. I bought the vinyl a couple of years after it came out aged 14 or 15 and many friends had it, Dazed and Confused, google that too

I recognised the name as the song title not album - I really liked LZ in the early years, but by the time of Houses of the Holy (on which this particilar song was released) they had gone too far downhill in my estimation and that was the last album of theirs I bought. I no longer sought new things by them, and only heard on odd occasions if someone else played - but nothing I inspired me like the early stuff. Now it is mentioned I recall I had heard of this album, I’m not aware that I have ever heard it.

i’ve sometimes thought I should hunt out a DVD of them playing live, as in fact they are one of the few bands from that era that I liked and never got around to seeing.

Calum Ferguson posted:

Agreed, the later output “In through the out door” and finally “Coda” were forgettable, it’s II, III and IV for me, part of my growing up in the early 70’s and we had On the Buses and Love thy Neighbour on TV too !

I also really like LZ I. But On the Buses and Love thy Neighbour weren’t my favourites - that was Monty Python and maybe the Goodies 

I like In Through the Out Door!  Maybe it was because it was the only Led Zep album I bought the day it was released.  I still find it quite listenable -- it's no Led Zep IV but then nothing is.

I'm generally just not a fan of live recordings of rock bands.  I never seem to be able to 'embrace' the music as well as the studio version.  The exceptions are where the performances are exceptional and simply not available otherwise, such as The Concert for Bangladesh and the George Harrison / Eric Clapton "Live in Japan" album.  There simply are no studio analogs of those performances.

The big problem with The Song Remains The Same is that when it was released in 1976, the music heard in the film and on the soundtrack were quite different. The soundtrack LP's musical content was superior to that on the film.

In 2007, the soundtrack was released in a supposedly upgraded version that contained the film music. While it included material not found on the original double LP, the 4-LP, 2-CD reissue was regarded by most hardcore fans as a downgrade on the '76.

Disappointingly, it seems that this 2018 re-re-release will use the godawful 2007 version, the audio of which has been butchered due to 'copyright issues'. For example, a great sequence was removed from "Whole Lotta Love" and unforgivably, the stunning version of "No Quarter" has some great JPJ/Page interplay removed and Page's solo, one of the very best he ever committed to tape, has been hacked into oblivion.

The complex history of this album can be found at the Garden Tapes website:

There are also plenty of threads on the matter on LZ forums such as Royal Orleans...

Kevin-W posted:

I should add that the SQ of the '07 version is inferior to the '76. Given page's record on these matters, I think anyone looking for an upgrade on this latest reissue might be disappointed.

But we live in hope I suppose...

Quite, we’ll get what we get, Jimmy, assuming he has the final say must have sound engineers etc. around to “help” him, hopefully his planning dispute with Robbie Williams means he has less time for this

Unfortunately it looks like it’s the 2007 version. Kevin mentions some of the differences, but in my view it’s really the latter version of Dazed and Confused which suffered most. The original album release was edited with overdubs to correct mistakes in the original. Unfortunately the 2007 version was true to the actual concert performance and omitted the edits. The sound on the 2007 version was, however, clearer than the original. I’d be interested to know what Page has done with it this time, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. 

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