The third try: Naim Superline with Rega RP10

My Superline, RP 10 and HiCap is home again. I have tested all capacitive plugs, but there is no change in the noise. In some situations I hear a very loud noise. This could sometimes be produced, when I select all activated inputs with the input button on the 272 from the DIN to the DIN input. Now I can avoid this loud noise, when I touch the tonearm, the bottom of the motor case or the Superline. This is obviously a grounding issue. A separate grounding cable is installed on the RP 10 now. I do not feel like it anymore.

..or another cartridge?

Only time I've had a similar issues as this was with an example of the SPU Royal N.  It seems that the body wasn't "earthing" properly to the heads hell.  You could reduce hum noise by touching the arm or cartridge bolts.  In the end I used a thin copper "gasket" or shim between the cartridge and headshell and this totally cured the problem.

I wonder whether you are experiencing something similar here..

That's a shame Chris and it must be getting frustrating, particularly as this seems to happen with various combinations (and as you say you found the same substituting a SME TT for the RP10)

The noise you get - is it hiss, hum or what ? Does it stay constant or get louder with a change in volume ?


Yes, we also tried another cartridge on the RP 10. That is not the reason. We thought, it could be the cartridge, because the body of the Koetsu is completely from aluminium. But as I said, noch change when using another cartridge.

Now, I get two different noises. Both vary with the volume level:

1. A kind of 50 Hz hum especially on the right chanel. This noise is not very loud. At lower volume levels it is not really noticeable. At volume levels of 40 and higher it is clearly noticeable. Because I often hear at higher volume levels of 50 this noise bothers me.

2. In some situations - it seems, that it needs an impuls - there is a really loud noise. This is not a 50 Hz hum. It is more a kind of hiss.

Chris - this is a bit of a baffling one, especially as you've managed to substitute pieces into the system without seeming to solve the problem and involved your dealer. It sounds like a grounding issue but all what you have tried seem to reduce but not eliminate the noise.

I would look at simplifying the setup to try and identify the root cause and then if successful, build the system back up from there until you get the problem noise again.

I'd start by getting the system back to it's basic form with just the RP10, Superline, Hicap, 272, 300 in use. Remove the XPS at this stage.

Use standard naim power cables and a standard distribution block.

Leave the Unitiserve and its power supply off and have nothing apart from the TT connected to the 272 (no network connection, no AV amplifier etc).

Turn off Wireless on the 272.

Does this basic system setup eliminate the noise ?




“Guys - for my own education is there any reason why the 272 as a pre-amp should behave any differently to say a 202or SN when fed with a signal from a Superline?”


i had a problem with earth hum when attempting to use Supernait, HiCapDR as a preamp to a 250.2 with my lp12 / prefix/NDX. Took kit to dealer and found that the Snait was the problem box, earth hum BAD out of woofers. Has the hicap been taken out of the equation completely, and has the 272 been replaced with a 282 as a test? 




i gave up and purchased a second hand 282 from dealer. Problem solved. 

Chris thanks. I can't comment on the Lehmann - possibly it can drive long i/cs better than Naim.  All I can say is to reiterate that long i/c s of 5m would push the Superline/PSU into instability and would likely result in poor sound and bad noise.  So any testing here must be with standard cabling before declaring any part defective.

Have you tried with standard cabling and some capacitance plugged on the Superline?

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