❤ TINA TURNER,...an Icon as a Live Performare,and Artist..❗

Peder posted:

🔹 HAPPY LISTENER and ANDYP19,.....Thanks...I recognized Herb Albert in appearance,but guessed more at any music producer.
Never thought it was he,I have some records with him from the 70 century.
At that time he looked completely different.

Trudie Styler and James Taylor I had no idea.
But a rather formidable collection of artists, wondering what Dustin Hoffman is doing in this company.?

/Peder 🙂

I think this is the March  2nd 1993 Carnegie Hall Rock at the Rain Forest event - https://maureenorth.com/2013/1...r-the-lady-has-legs/



This Tina Turner post up today,when she with relatives,friends and family took a final farewell of her son,Craig Raymond Turner.

Craig died so tragically on July 4,the farewell time was July 19.

Children should not go away before their parents,but unfortunately the reality is sometimes another.
RIP Craig Raymond Turner,and the thoughts go to Tina Turner with family.


A mother's saddest moment 🕊 ❤ 🕊

A final farewell 🖤 ❤ 🖤



        🔹 Whole Lotta Love 🔹

A real classic,which came from a group when real talent appreciated in the music industry.

◾1. First video is the original recording from 1969,with text.In addition,..really good sound quality to be Youtube.

◾2. Second video is a "Promo" from 1997,also good sound quality.

What then has this to do in a Tina Turner thread,...Well,believe it or not.....
Tina has made a cover of "Whole Lotta Love" with Led Zeppelin.
You should have pretty "much on your feet", and great confidence before you dare to embark on such a classic Rock-song.

But Tina definitely manages to make a version with energy and intensity,which even got approved by Led Zeppelin themselves.
A little different,but a cruel basic beat,....All three versions are good.

◾Tina's version,which is No. 3,..is from the beginning of the 80 century,unsure of exactly what year.

Really old Rock'n'Roll at its best.

--------🔽🔽🔽 VIDEO 🔽🔽🔽--------

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...el7TCZ0M&sns=sms

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...mM_qwG4k&sns=sms

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...HbIs-alg&sns=sms



👅😍 ❤ PHOTO MODEL ❤ 😍👅

If Tina Turner had not been an artist,actor, singer etc....

Well then she had no doubt,been able to earn a living as one of the world's highest paid photo models.!!

Tina has only become more beautiful with the years,her electric charisma,glamour,sensuality....the special "sexual aura" that surrounds her is unprecedented.
Tina's ability to influence people around her,.... both on the picture and in reality is outstanding.
Tina Turner has that effect on people.

🔸 "The first time you see Tina Live is mind-boggling,"... says Keith Richards in an interview.

But,..as usual,you get nothing for free.
Even when she was on tour,she trained almost every day......either at the gym,or ran 9-10 km.

She then had no makeup,and something on her head that held down her famous hair.
This meant that people didn't recognize her,so she can train alone.

To stand on stage for two hours,and run on at the tempo she did.....well then you need fitness.

◾You may excuse,for some reason my phone does not work to insert images......that's the one I use all the time because I travel a lot.
Therefore,it will only be image-links,but it takes only a second for you to click on the link instead😉.

------🔽🔽🔽 IMAGE-LINKS 🔽🔽🔽-----

🔹 Tina is here 56 years old,fantastic body.

🔸 Tina is here from 45 to 63 years old.

🔹 Tina 45 years old,here we can talk charisma.

🔸 Tina 49 years old,WHAOO....what a Rock Lady...Sensuality.!


She influenced Mick Jagger,Janis Joplin and loved by David Bowie and Little Richard Beyounce etc. And a lot of woman in Rock would call Tina a revolucionary.Tina was the first woman who sold out World Stadiums...etc,etc.

And the story goes on....





Now come the male hormones forward😁,look at the picture below.
Who the hell would not want that bone belonged to a self 😎.

Amazingly,the girl is 50 years old in this picture.
But Keith Richards was probably right when he said in an interview.....

🔴 "The first time you see Tina live is mind-boggling",..Keith Richards tells me.

Can you experience her charisma like this on a picture,,,,,yes then I understand what Keith thinks if you see her Live.

"Tina was great-looking,plus she could move and she had that Voice,...said Keith Richards.Mick Jagger adds,..“She’s so gutsy and dynamic.”  Usually you can have a voice but you can’t move,or you’re good-looking but you can’t sing. 

How can anybody have that much?” marvels Richards. “With Tina,there it all is – it’s all there.”
Look at the picture...🔽🔽🔽🔽 

🔴 https://i.imgur.com/dG5QYps.jpg




A Bronze Statue of TINA TURNER..!!

There are not many people who get a statue named after themselves,in addition when the person is still alive.!!

A colored woman,who fought her way as a stage-artist in the 1960 century..in the United States.
A USA that was almost in war between white and colored people.And also during a 16-year marriage,she was beaten continuously by her husband Ike.

Despite this,she managed to stand on stage all the time and deliver 100% to the audience... and not to forget...
The music industry is considered the toughest branch to be active in.

Very strong,..that with those conditions become the World Artist she has become.

Just to congratulate 🌹

Below a picture of the statue in bronze, depicting the World Artist TINA TURNER...🔽🔽🔽

🔥 Statue in Bronze,...TINA TURNER.




                     🌹 TINA TURNER 🌹  

◾32 years ago,after almost 30 years in entertainment,..Tina Turner 1986 received her STAR on the....HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME.....One of the sexiest and most beautiful woman that has been in Show Business..Tina is here 47 years old. See picture below..🔽🔽🔽 

Hollywood Walk Of Fame,...TINA TURNER.
🌹 https://i.imgur.com/zdqKOOd.jpg

-----------------🔽🔽 History 🔽🔽------------------

TINA TURNER,…….Actress,Singer,Entertainer.

Born Anna Mae Bullock on Nov. 26, 1938 in Brownsville, Tenn.

The world hadn’t seen anything quite like Tina Turner,when she exploded in the late '50s as the focal point of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue.
A female counterpart to such primal-rock firebrands as Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

A string of hits produced by R&B band leader and songwriter Ike Turner,who had discovered her in 1956 in St. Louis and married her two years later.

 Caught the attention of producer Phil Spector, who placed them at the center of one of his most titanic productions, “River Deep, Mountain High.”

 That 1966 record,built around Tina’s soaring lead vocal,originally reached only No. 88 on the pop chart,yet eventually became one of the defining singles of the rock era and was inducted into both the Grammy Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The couple reached even greater heights in 1971 with their tornado-like reinvention of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary,”.
A performance that landed Tina Turner the first of her many Grammy Awards.
It’s the one with the spoken introduction in which she famously growled,….
“We never,ever do nothin’ nice and easy.We always do it nice…and rough.”
That, however,also characterized her abusive marriage to Turner,and in 1976,the couple divorced.

Her remarkable second act began in 1984 with her solo album “Private Dancer,”
 Which yielded several hit singles, including the Grammy-winning “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

 Sexier than ever,she became perfect video fodder for the MTV age.

She also expanded the movie career she’d started in the '70s with her star-turn as the Acid Queen in the film version of the Who’s rock opera “Tommy”.
 And appeared for a new generation opposite Mel Gibson in “Mad Max-Beyond Thunderdome.”
Her 1986 autobiography, “I, Tina,” became a international bestseller and led to a 1993 movie biopic, “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” in which Angela Bassett portrayed the resilient rock-R&B powerhouse.

After more than four decades of steady touring, in 2000 she announced her retirement from the concert trail.
Reports of that retirement,like Mark Twain’s death,were exaggerated however,and she was back on the road again within a few years and continues to pour on the heat even into her 70s.

An amazing entertainer,…..
What’s Age Got To Do With It.?


On Sunday we have elections in Sweden,it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Then I think it is a good idea to put a picture on...According to many,the sexiest,..most beautiful artist with the greatest radiance and charisma of all time.

◾Oprah Winfrey: I probably did not really fully understand what Energy,..Aura..Charisma that surrounds Tina Turner,until I met her live the first time.

◾Mick Jagger: She's so Gutsy and Dynamic.

◾Keith Richards: The first time you see Tina Live is mind-boggling.

Below a very nice picture of Tina Turner,..57 years old,..Here we talk world-class charisma!

Tina Turner,..57 years old. Charisma..Yes.👍🔽🔽 
🌹 https://i.imgur.com/5xQx3f3.jpg


                September 21-23,2018

Tina Turner Heritage Days 21-23 Sept 2018.
      💋 https://i.imgur.com/LZfrQPA.jpg

Celebrating the Heritage and Legacy of Flagg Grove School along with its most famous student, Anna Mae Bullock,..known worldwide as Tina Turner.

Anna Mae Bullock was born November 26,1939,in a small farming community in Haywood County, Tennessee, called Nutbush.
Her childhood school,..Flagg Grove School,was moved from its original location in the Flagg Grove community outside Nutbush to the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville on June 1,2012.

Fans gathered in September of that year,to honor Tina Turner and for a special Fan Ribbon Cutting of the school.
This small event has led to an Annual Celebration of the Legendary Singer and her Heritage in Nutbush and Haywood Coounty.

Tina Turner Heritage Days,is held each year on the 4th weekend of September at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville,..Tennessee.

Fans from all over the world visit during this time, to get to know each other,tour Nutbush and celebrate the music of their favorite singer.

The annual event includes
Nutbush tours,fan gatherings and a concert.

1st Fan Gathering and Nutbush Tour – 2012.



TINA TURNER said:  "People All Over The World Ask Me,..When Am I Gonna Slow Down. You Know What I Tell Em.?

I’m Just Getting Started."

🌹 Tina Turner on the go.! ..🔽🔽 

And that's really true,it has just been announced that Tina's musical in London "Tina:The Musical" has extended the game date to July 2019.

💥 200.000 New seatings have been released.
TINA:The Musical has been sold out since the premiere on 18 April 2018,..It is played every day,..Saturday twice.
In other words,..As usual with Tina,a great success.

🌹 Marketing, Tina:The Musical..🔽🔽 

◾ In October,..her selfbiography "My Love Story" is released all over the world.

The advance booking is record-breaking,...will return with information.

◾ AUDITION,..Recently it was also announced that TINA:The Musical will be played in Germany,..Premiere in Hamburg in March.
Auditioning for participating artists is in full progress.

TINA:The Musical will also be set up on Broadway.

◾ Documentary film,..about Tina's life has begun to be recorded in August....will come back with information.

◾ A very large Concert was held on July 14th,to Tina Turner's Glory.

So,..I think it is true,..that Tina said......
💥 I'm Just getting started.!




📕The Book,.MY LOVE STORY by Tina Turner📕 Comes out in,... ◾ GERMANY October 15.
                             ◾ USA            October 16.
                             ◾ UK/ROW    October 18.

ROW means,..Rest Of World.
See the ad from Tina Turner below.. 🔽🔽

Ad for the book "My Love Story" by Tina Tuner.
📕  https://i.imgur.com/gGtu7yd.jpg



          🔥🔥🔥 Hotter Than Hot 🔥🔥🔥

When Tina Turner had her "Peak",..and she had it for decades.
Well,..then everyone wanted to collaborate with her,big business stood in line for a collaboration.

◾ An example: This picture below she painted as a design for a Visa Card.

Tina was Hotter Than Hot,..and everything around her brought big money.

Yes it seems to apply even today,just look at what I reported in the posts above.
Tina fills 79 year on 26 November,..but still everything she is involved in seems to turn into gold.

So Tina still seems to be.....
🔥 Hotter Than Hot 🔥

Below the picture she painted to a Visa Card.Maybe some of you have had that design on your Visa Card.

🌹 Tina Turner's Visa Card picture..🔽🔽 



   💎💋🎤 TOP 10 FEMALE ARTIST 🎤💋💎

     ◾With The Most Consert Tickets Sold◾

1. Tina Turner          17,7 m.
2. Madonna              15,o m.
3. Celine Dion          12,9 m.
4. Beyoncé                10,1 m.
5. Taylor Swift             8,6 m.
6. Britney Spears        7,3 m.
7. Cher                          7,3 m.
8. Reba                         7,1 m.
9. Pink                           7,0 m.
10. Janet Jackson         6,8 m.

🌹 Tina Turner still being at The Top of that list,..almost 10 years after her Last Tour.!

Tina Turner is now retired from Live Performance.

Also a Positive Note,..on the stats however they end up is,..Tina Was a Live Performar who NEVER relied on sync miming or autotone etc….

❤ Tina Turner happy retired after 60 years on Stage.



                  😍 TINA,...a LIONESS 😍

My mother (when she lived),..Always said that this woman must be every man's wet dream.

The taste is like the butt..Shared.
But no one can deny her natural personality, charisma and sexiness..A Lioness.

An incredible picture of Tina at an award ceremony in 1985,..Tina's leather dress had she also when she performed with David Bowie with the song Tonight.

We never get an artist with this charisma again.
Picture from 1985..... 🔽🔽

🌹 Tina 46 year,..a Lioness.



🔴 TINA:The Musical in Hamburg,.Germany 🔴

Advertising has begun to be set for the premiere in March 2019.
Tina and Erwin will be in place on the Opening Night.

Amazing..then Tina is 80 years,but just as topical now as before.
An amazing Artist and Woman.

◾Tina said in an interview many years ago,...." I'm going to work until I'm 90 years old ".

Considering everything I reported in the posts above,that happens only this year,...and that will happen...
Yes,then it seems to sue,..An artist out of the fingertips.
It does not matter that Tina is good for 2.5 billion...she continues with her artistry,..an incredible woman.

Below a picture of a great house advertisement for TINA:The Musical in the middle of Hamburg,..Germany....🔽🔽

🌹 TINA:The Musical advertising.



I think her life story is remarkable and she is for me one in a million performer on stage.  However for me her best song was and still is 'River deep, Mountain High' original studio version.  Normally I prefer majority times the live performances over the studio versions, but with this song the Studio version takes some beating, maybe Phil Spektor in his pedantic extremism for perfection got something right.

🔹 Romi,...The entire music industry will agree with you,there is no one matching Tina's Live Performance.
◾ The Sexiness.
◾ The Energy.
◾ The Dynamics.
◾ The Intensity.
◾ The Electricity.
◾ The Feeling.
◾ The Charisma.
◾ A Force Of Nature,..as they called her.

Just look at the picture below,than you see what I mean. And think about this,..Tina is 70 years old on this picture on stage. This is from Tina's last World Tour. Here is Tina 70 years old...🔽🔽

◾A Legendary Rock Lady,..70 years old.
😵  https://i.imgur.com/8QcL6nM.jpg

Romi posted:

I think her life story is remarkable and she is for me one in a million performer on stage. 

◾Grammy Music Legends Tribut.🔽 
😵 https://i.imgur.com/8xDeGZY.jpg

🌹2018 GRAMMY Salut To Music Legends🌹 

◾Recording Academy,..See above..🔼🔼,has a big Event and Concert now on Friday 5th October,..for example,the glory of Tina Turner.
This will be able to be streamed a day later (on Saturday),for those of you who want to watch.

The awards never run out for Tina,..she has really made a lasting impression in the history of music.



            ◾Article Daily Mail - 6 Oct. 2018◾

      Tina Turner,.The Music-Icon Almost Died
              ❤ A story about real Love ❤

      ◾Tina Turner's husband's greatest gift◾
How singer was so ill she was ready to end her life - until husband donated her his KIDNEY.!!

 Just one of the astonishing revelations in must-read memoir by Rock’s greatest survivor.

My wedding day could not have been more perfect or spectacular — and no one minded a bit that the bride was aged 73.
I’d organised the whole thing myself, and that included importing more than 100,000 roses to bedeck the grounds of our home in Switzerland.
As friends gathered, sipping champagne on that glorious day in July 2013, the air was filled with the most wonderful scent.

A lot of thought had gone into my choice of wedding music.
If you listen to Frank Sinatra’s My Way, the words fit my life perfectly:
”The record shows I took the blows / And did it my way.”

Erwin and I had first met 28 years before. At the time, I was travelling the globe with my Private Dancer Tour, which left me with very little time for a personal life.
Not that I ever had a lot of boyfriends ¿ I spent my entire youth with Ike ¿ and, after my divorce, dating was often more trouble than it was worth.

I had to have that one!
Despite my famously abusive first marriage, to Ike Turner, I’d managed to find love beyond my wildest dreams.
It was only as we gathered for photographs that I started to feel a little funny. It must be the heat, I thought, or the dress — an Armani confection of green taffeta, black silk tulle and Swarovski crystals that was getting heavier by the minute.

In fact, that funny turn was the first sign of a hellish ordeal to come . . . a nightmare that would end only when my dear husband Erwin offered me the ultimate gift — the gift of life itself.

In any case, I was never one of those women who had to have sex no matter what; to be honest, I’d sometimes gone up to a year without it.
Erwin Bach, an executive from EMI, my record company in Europe, had turned up to deliver a surprise gift to me from Roger Davis..a new Mercedes jeep, the hard-to-get G-Wagon.
But the real surprise wasn’t the car,it was the man.

That particular week in 1985, the next date on my tour was in Cologne, Germany.
As my manager,Roger Davis,and I flew into the city, I was tired and a little down, thinking of the gruelling schedule ahead.
We were walking through the airport when a young man stepped out from behind a column to greet us.
I thought he might be a fan,but Roger greeted him warmly.

My heart suddenly started to beat BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,drowning out all other sounds.
My hands were ice-cold. So this is what they call love at first sight, I thought. Oh my God, I am not ready for this.
In 1989, when I was about to turn 50, he proposed.
But I wasn’t certain how I felt about marriage.

Marriage can change things and, in my experience, not always for the better.

Roger hopped into a waiting limousine, while I got into the G-Wagon with Erwin so he could tell me all about it while driving me to the hotel.
I studied his profile.
He was young — about 30, I guessed — and he was very pretty, although not in a conventional way.
Dark hair, really great hands. There’s something about a man’s hands.

Suddenly, I felt very insecure about my own looks. I was wearing an Issey Miyake sweater with leather jeans — rock’n’roll stuff — and my hair was big, big, big in those days.
But, if you ask me, I didn’t look so good and I doubt that Erwin found me attractive.
Oh, and if the hair wasn’t enough of a turn-off, I was 46, divorced and the mother of two sons and two stepsons, who were now practically men themselves.
What was going through Erwin’s mind?

Later, much later,I found out that he’d felt the same inexplicable electrical charge.

For the next few years, we spent a lot of time together in Cologne and in a house that I bought in the South of France.
Then, in 1995, when Erwin was asked to run the EMI office in Switzerland, I accompanied him like a good German Frau.
We moved into an old-fashioned villa on Lake Zurich, called the Château Algonquin, where we still live today.

When he looked at me, he said,he didn’t see the ”Star”,or my skin colour or any other details.
He just saw a very desirable woman.
In the G-Wagon,our conversation was a little strained.
We managed to chat haltingly about the dashboard and other innocuous subjects until we got to the hotel.
After saying goodbye, I threw myself on my hotel bed, and thought: ”Gosh,.he’s wonderful.Really wonderful.What do I do now?”

As it happened, I saw Erwin again at a couple of dinners organised by EMI.
On the second occasion,we were sitting next to each other.
I said to myself: I don’t care — I’m just going to ask him.
‘Erwin,’ I whispered, ‘when you come to America, I want you to make love to me.’

He turned his head slowly and just looked at me as if he couldn’t believe his ears.
I couldn’t believe what I’d said either!

Later,he told me he’d never been propositioned by a woman.
His first thought was: ‘Wow,.those California girls are really wild.’

But I wasn’t wild. I’d never done anything remotely like that before. I didn’t recognise myself.
Eventually,Erwin did come to Los Angeles — on business — and I met him again at another dinner. I invited everyone back to my house afterwards, and that’s when our real romance began.

Music was playing, the other guests drifted away, the kissing began and we kissed all the way to the bedroom.
Erwin stayed with me that night.
The next morning,he was scheduled to go to Hawaii on a business trip.
I thought about him constantly for two days — and then he called, casually mentioning that his trip had been cancelled.
He’d been a few miles away in Malibu the whole time, hanging out with his colleagues, and hadn’t thought to tell me.

I tried to stay cool, but inside I was furious. ‘Tina, you stupid old fool,’ I fumed.
Why did I make such bad choices in men?
Why was there always disappointment?
I couldn’t bear the thought of being hurt again. I was better off alone, I decided.

A few months passed. I ran into Erwin again while I was promoting Private Dancer in Basel, Switzerland,and all my feelings came roaring back.

I’d rented a house in Gstaad for the holidays, so I invited him and some other people from EMI to visit.
And one night, Erwin turned up alone, wearing a funny little German hat and exuding a masculinity that I found irresistible.
By the end of the evening, I’d made up my mind to pack up and move in with him.

From now on,wherever Erwin was would be my home.
Thus began my love story with a man who was 16 years younger than me. But that was never an issue in my mind, then or now.

The world may view Erwin as Tina’s ‘younger man,’ but the truth is that,at heart,he’s really 60 and I’m 16.
He’s always been an old soul.And he’s much more mature than I am: he thinks ahead and exercises caution,while I’m more likely to leap without looking.

In any case,at 46, I didn’t look older than Erwin, who was 30. And I don’t look older than him today.
I never think about the age difference. I don’t even feel I need to work at looking pretty in bed — I’m past that.

What’s love got to do with it?..A lot!

So I made the right decision when I packed my ten Louis Vuitton suitcases and headed for Erwin’s two-roomed apartment near Cologne.
🔹It contained a great sound system, I noticed, but not much else.

When I got to know Erwin a little better, I learned that ‘minimalist’ is his middle name: he hates stuff.
Me, I’ll cover every surface with books, candles, photographs, potpourri, anything to add personality.
So my first thought was: ‘Well, this room really needs decorating.’
I waited till Erwin had to fly to Brazil on business, then did a whirlwind shop at a home interiors store and rearranged everything in his flat.

It was supposed to be a big surprise,and it was. He was horrified.
Everywhere he looked, there was stuff, stuff and more stuff.
Luckily, a friend joined us for dinner that night, so Erwin had to contain his aggravation. By the next day,he’d calmed down a little.
Isn’t it funny that he had a harder time adjusting to new furniture than to the new woman in his life?
We survived that battle,but the decorating war continues to this day.

A more pressing problem was my ten suitcases (for a month’s stay),as there was no room for them in the 100 sq m apartment.
So I stored my bags in the communal basement and had to keep running down to get my clothes.

Imagine his neighbours’ surprise when they walked into the basement laundry room and came across Tina Turner,rummaging around for something to wear.
As for my security people,they had to sleep in a nearby hotel and communicate with me via walkie-talkie.
I’m sure Erwin rolled his eyes from time to time, as he’s never impressed by celebrity and all that goes with it.

I was already head-over-heels in love with him. For the first time, I felt that I was truly in a relationship.
This is how it’s supposed to be, I told myself.
One day,he asked me in his charming German way: ‘Are we together?’ — meaning are we a couple?
Remembering the naughty pass I’d made just after we met,he couldn’t help worrying that I might be wild and unpredictable,that I was just playing,that I might just run off one day.
But rather than wanting to run away — which is how I’d always felt with Ike — I just wanted to be with Erwin more and more.

I wasn’t looking for a husband; I just wanted to be loved.
Childhood — never loved. Past relationships — never loved.
My whole life — never really loved. More than anything, I needed to feel that Erwin loved me. And he did. He really did.

In 1989, when I was about to turn 50, he proposed.
But I wasn’t certain how I felt about marriage. Marriage can change things and, in my experience, not always for the better. For the next few years,we spent a lot of time together in Cologne and in a house that I bought in the South of France.
Then, in 1995, when Erwin was asked to run the EMI office in Switzerland, I accompanied him like a good German Frau. We moved into an old-fashioned villa on Lake Zurich, called the Château Algonquin, where we still live today.

We’ve made many good friends.And,believe me, there’s nothing ‘showbusiness’ about any aspect of our life here.

One day,I was sitting next to Sophia Loren at an Armani fashion show in Milan.
I mentioned that I was taking a break from singing.

How long? she asked.
When I said: ‘Oh, about seven years,’ she snapped: ‘Break over!
People want to see you. Get back to work.’

And so I embarked on my 50th Anniversary tour, which celebrated my half century as a singer.
I was excited to get back to work,but I noticed that I wasn’t as energetic as I used to be.

True, I was 69, and on a demanding international tour.
Plus, I had high blood pressure,for which I’d been taking medication since 1985.
Was that why it was taking every drop of energy to make it through my performance each night?

After working so hard for so many years, I was ready to stop.
I didn’t want my fans to come to a show in a year, or two years, and think:
‘Oh, she used to be good.’ I had a lot of pride and I’ve always had great timing.
So at the end of the tour, I hung up my dancing shoes and went home.

From the start, I loved retirement. I just wanted to shop for food, take walks with Erwin, work in my garden, watch the seasons change by the lake and, most of all, enjoy the quiet.
I felt good. I’d never smoked or taken drugs.
I was still in good shape after 50 years of intensive stage workouts.
I still looked pretty good, too:

In 2013,German Vogue asked me to be on its cover.
I think I can safely say that, at 73, I was the oldest cover ‘girl’ in Vogue’s history at that point.

The year before, Erwin had proposed once again, and this time I’d answered with an emphatic: ‘Yes!’
It was a commitment that didn’t come easily to me, but I knew he was the love of my life.
You know that wonderful expression: ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’?

On an ordinary October morning in 2013, just three months after our glorious wedding, I woke up and felt a lightning bolt strike my head and right leg. I tried to speak but I couldn’t get any words out.
I was having a stroke.

The stroke had delivered a powerful blow to my body: my entire right side was numb. I’d have to work with a physiotherapist to learn how to walk again, the doctor told me, and using my right hand would be a problem.

But the psychological effects were even more profound. I was miserable.
The battle for recovery left me with no strength or vitality.
And I wasn’t just dealing with the aftermath of the stroke: my doctor was concerned that my high blood pressure might be affecting my kidneys, so he referred me to a specialist.

Dr. Jorg Bleisch, an expert nephrologist, broke the news that my kidneys were performing at only 35 per cent of their normal function.
We’d need to monitor them carefully, he said, prescribing yet more medication to control my blood pressure.
What I didn’t realise was that there were bigger battles ahead.
Battles that would leave me wondering:

‘How did I go from being the picture of health, a cover girl, a bride for God’s sake, to this?’
After a while, I began to resent the drugs I was taking to control my high blood pressure — I was certain they were making me feel less clear-headed and energetic.
So when a friend recommended a homeopathic doctor in France, I decided to put my faith in another kind of healing.
The homeopath — who replaced my conventional medicines with homeopathic remedies — suggested that my body was being affected adversely by toxins in the water supply at the Château Algonquin.
Eager to try a new approach, no matter how far-fetched, I replaced all the pipes in the house and had our water purified by crystals.
The new treatments actually made me feel better. But I knew my doctors wouldn’t approve, so I took the coward’s way out:
I simply didn’t tell them.

The trouble started when I went to see Dr Bleisch for another check-up. I felt fine, so I expected good news.
That’s why I decided it was time to confess to what I’d done.
Big mistake. Big, big, mistake. He seemed shocked and incredulous.
My failure to treat my high blood pressure, he told me, had essentially destroyed my kidneys.
If I’d known that unmanaged high blood pressure could accelerate kidney damage, of course, I wouldn’t have traded my medication for homoeopathic alternatives.
As it was, the consequences of my ignorance ended up being a matter of life and death.

Let me be clear: I’m not condemning homeopathy. In fact, I was treated successfully by a homeopathic doctor after being diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1969. But this time I was much older, with a serious long- term illness that needed conventional treatment.

If only I hadn’t discontinued the medication. If, if, if!
My foolish decision would continue to haunt me, yet Erwin never once reproached me for it.
Not long after this blow, my health began to fail again.
I became so weak that I couldn’t leave the house; it took all my strength to stagger between bedroom and bathroom.
This time, I was diagnosed with early-stage intestinal cancer — a carcinoma and several malignant polyps.
As I waited for surgery, I cried to Erwin: ‘Aren’t you sorry you married an old woman?’

Fortunately for me, he always radiated confidence, optimism and joie de vivre, and helped me to keep calm.
A month after my diagnosis, I had part of my intestine removed.
The doctors were optimistic and I felt a glimmer of hope again. But just a glimmer, and only for a moment.

By December 2016, my kidneys were at a new low of 20 per cent and plunging rapidly.
And I faced two choices: either regular dialysis or a kidney transplant.
Only the transplant would give me a very good chance of leading a near-normal life. But the chances of getting a donor kidney were remote.

At the time, Switzerland’s organ-donor rate was one of the lowest in Europe — which meant that, at 75, I’d probably never rise to the top of the waiting list.
So Dr Bleisch scheduled me to start dialysis. ‘Oh no, no, no,’ I told him. ‘I’m not living on a machine.’
It wasn’t my idea of life.
But the toxins in my body had started taking over. I couldn’t eat. I was surviving, but not living.
I began to think about death. If my kidneys were going, and it was time for me to die, I could accept that.
It was OK. When it’s time, it’s really time. I didn’t mind the thought of dying, but I was concerned about how I would go.

One of the benefits of living in Switzerland is that assisted suicide is legal, though the patient has to inject the lethal drug herself. There are several organisations that facilitate the process, including Exit and Dignitas.
I signed up to be a member of Exit, just in case.
I think that’s when the idea of my death became a reality for Erwin.
He was very emotional about not wanting to lose me, not wanting me to leave. He said he didn’t want another woman, or another life; we were happy and he’d do anything to keep us together.

Then he shocked me.
He said that he wanted to give me one of his kidneys. I was overwhelmed by the enormity of his offer.
But because I love him, my first response was to try to talk him out of taking such a serious and irreversible step.
He was a young man. Why should he take such a risk to give an older woman a few extra years?

 What if he had a problem some day with his remaining kidney? ‘Darling, you’re young. Don’t, don’t, don’t interfere with your life.
Think about your own future,’ I urged. But Erwin had made up his mind. ‘My future is our future,’ he told me.
At the University Hospital of Basel, Erwin had to go through a battery of psychological tests to make sure he was donating a kidney for the right reasons.
As I’d expected, the doctors accepted that he knew what he was doing.
Erwin always knows exactly what he’s doing; that’s his nature.
His offer to give me his kidney was a gift of love, and he remained unflappable and relaxed.
Next, there were medical tests to determine our compatibility, and we got the encouraging news that we shared the same type A blood group.

 Meanwhile, all I could hear was the clock ticking. I couldn’t afford to lose a bit of my strength, energy or courage.
I was already a high-risk patient because of my recent cancer, but the risk escalated when tests showed that my heart had been damaged by so many years of high blood pressure: the muscle was enlarged and the vessels calcified.

There was some question about whether a weak heart could withstand the stress of surgery.
But ultimately our big day was scheduled: April 7, 2017.
Two operating theatres were prepared — one for the donor and one for the recipient — two surgical teams, two of everything.
Erwin’s operation took place first. While I was understandably anxious about the transplant, I was far more concerned about him. After about an hour, it was my turn.

When I awoke, I was so groggy that everything — lights, sounds, smatterings of conversation, visits from doctors and nurses — felt dream-like.
It took me a while to understand that I was in Intensive Care, surrounded by what seemed like 100 machines, starting my new life as a woman with a healthy kidney.
The following day, after a few tentative stretches of my fingers and toes, I realised that I felt fine.

The best moment was when Erwin came rolling into my room in his wheelchair. He somehow managed to look good, even handsome, as he greeted me with an energetic: ‘Hi, darling!’
 I was so emotional — happy, overwhelmed and relieved that we’d come through this alive.

I was discharged after only seven days, and Erwin’s recovery was even faster. He snapped right back to his old self, and within a few weeks was enjoying his first glass of wine. He’s been full speed ahead ever since.
I, on the other hand, have experienced ups and downs.
 My body keeps trying to reject the new kidney, which is not uncommon after a transplant.
This means I have to take strong doses of immunosuppressants to weaken my antibodies and prevent them from attacking an organ they don’t recognise.
Sometimes, the treatment — which causes dizziness, forgetfulness and anxiety — involves spending more time in hospital.

Last year, as Christmas approached, I started feeling more energetic. I’m not trying to tempt fate, though — I know that my medical adventure is far from over. After a transplant, it seems that there’s always another test, another doctor’s appointment or biopsy to get through.

But I’m still here. We’re both still here, closer than we ever imagined — and that’s cause for celebration.
Erwin knew that the old Tina was back at last when I got excited about putting up Christmas ornaments and ordering new tables for the living room.
After so many years of being frightened and sick, I was revelling in the sheer joy of being alive.

from https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne...ebook_share_fbia-top
Tina Turner: My Love Story


This above is an excerpt from Tina's new book "My Love Story", that Daily Mail published Today. In newspapers all over the world,..and on the Internet it is written a lot about Tina's new book.

As usual,..Hotter than hot.!



                 💃🏻Tina Turner rocked
                     International Stadium
                     on this day 25 years ago.!

How American rock diva Tina Turner,played two sold-out 30,000 shows at Gateshead Stadium,this week in 1990.

Twenty-five years ago this week,an incredible 60,000 fans flocked to see Anna Mae Bullock live in concert.
You’ll know her better,of course,as Tina Turner.
And the 51-year-old rock diva performed two sell-out 30,000 shows at Gateshead Stadium.

The tickets had gone on sale in February that year, and the phenomenal demand for the initial July 21 concert meant a second show was added for the following day.

The two concerts would be the first at Gateshead Stadium since The Police appeared in 1982,and their success would herald a string of superstar shows at the venue.
By the likes of Dire Straits,Simple Minds,and Bon Jovi throughout the 1990s and beyond.

Tina arrived in the middle of her 125-date Foreign Affair World Tour.
Which the singer said would be her last before she embarked on a career in films.
But before the American Star took to the stage, the Chronicle reported how security staff at the stadium had confiscated thousands of cans, flasks and bottles of drinks at the turnstiles, “leaving some fans furious”.

Notwithstanding,..Tina brought the house down as our reviewer,at the first show, declared:
 “There was never any suggestion that the grand old lady of rock would have to win over the audience.

“The 30,000 were with her from the first number, Steamy Windows,waving,swaying in time,and singing along.

“Giant screens on either side of the stage gave those of us further away a close-up of the star.”

The singer,who included South Tyneside musician John Miles in her excellent backing band,..belted out the classics,including Nutbush City Limits, What’s Love Got to Do with It, Let’s Stay Together, We Don’t Need Another Hero, and (inevitably) The Best.

Quarter of a century on,75-year-old Tina is resident in Switzerland.
Her last studio album was released in 1999 and she last toured in 2009.

We may have seen the last of Tina Turner as a live performer,but for those who saw her at Gateshead this week in 1990, she will remain “Simply The Best”.

◾These reviews on her Live Performance,Tina Turner got all the time during her career.... "Simply The Best Live Performar"

See the article in the Chronicle..🔽🔽



             🤪 She Knew She Was Hot 🤪
            And Can Bring The House Down
Look Here,Than You Understand.Tina Here 70 Years Old in front of 81000 people.



  🎉 On Monday (26/11) Tina 79th Birthday 🎉
Celebrating The Life Of The Icon The Rock’n’Roll

And as Tina herself once said….
🔹People Ask Me When I Am Going To Slow Down...
Tina's answer..I'm Just Getting Started.!

This below we know already shall happens 2019,..for this 79 year old Rock’n'Roll Icon....

◾Tina: The musical,..Premiere in March.. Hamburg,Germany.

◾Tina: The musical,..Premiere on Broadway in September,..New York,USA.

◾Premiere in 2019,..On the documentary film about Tina Turner's life as "The Queen Of Rock’n’Roll”.

"My Love Story"..The book that Tina released World Wide a month ago,already after 1 week became a bestseller in several countries.

So it's enough that Tina Turner once said,....
"I'm Just Getting Started.!"

News magazines around the world pay attention to Tina's birthday.
And many large TV-channels broadcast interviews with Tina,..including BBC in the UK.

🌹 We say a Big Congratulations to Tina's 79th Birthday,..and finish by adding an amazing version of her classic song "Proud Mary" from 1982.

When we see this video,we understand why Tina became the SuperStar she became..Total contact with her audience..Amazing...🔽🔽🔽




🔹 Incredibly..Internet boils of congratulation-greetings to Tina Turner.

Various Fan-clubs will meet in London tonight,to get a special performance of the musical....
◾TINA: The Musical.
Afterwards they should have a party with the artists in the musical for Tina's sake.

The same thing happens in Germany,and other parts of the world.
In Argentina there will be an extra large event for Tina Turner.

Newspapers and TV-channels world wide,pay attention to Tina's birthday,..and many other world artists send congratulations.

🌹 The Queen Of Rock’n’Roll still reigns at 79 years of age.

Below a representative photo for a star.🔽🔽

A representative photo for a star

/Peder 🙂


Given your adulation of TT and longevity of this thread I thought I’d watch the BBC interview to see if I what I have been missing - sorry to say it didn’t convert me, she may have been going a long time, and did energetic shows with costumes designed to mesmerise men, but not my kind of performer or music.

May you continue to enjoy! (And maybe one day compile this thread into a book - maybe her 80th birthday will be a good time to publish...)

           "It's Only Rock’n’Roll,.. But I Like It "
   sang Tina and Mick Jagger on" Live AID 1985.

A Live Performance that was so noticed,so that they ended up on the front page of "LIFE Magazine".. " The Rolling Stone "..many TV-interviews etc.,etc.

🔹 On Front Of "LIFE Magazine"

🔸 From Live Performance"Live AID-85"



                  From Billboard Magazine
TINA TURNER reveales on DAVID BOWIE and….
                        MICK JAGGER

Tina talks of her the book: ”My Love Story” which will arrive in honor of her 79 th year,late in october 2018.
She said: “Mick wanted to dance,..and I was a dancer, I was the one who taught the Rolling Stones frontman his moves,..despite his claims he was taught by his mother.
But he never gave me the credit!  

We worked with him in the dressing room,me and the girls,and we taught him how to Pony.
I taught Mick to dance,but he never made a move on me!  
Jagger and David Bowie were ”like the brothers I never had”.
She opened up about her retirement,her old poker pals David Bowie and Mick Jagger,and of course,..the point of the evening,the upcoming Musical on her life opening next year in London.

As a follow-up to her first Best-Selling memoir,….”I,Tina”, the new book will go into more detail about the nearly fatal moments with Ike, during their violently toxic relationship that ended in 1973.

Tina reveals that the story will start all the way back in the cotton fields of Tennessee.
Being raised by her grandmother in her native Nutbush,as well as her debuts in Missouri with the fearsome Ike Turner.

“It starts from Nutbush growing up,all the involvement with the cotton fields,church house, gin house,school house,out house,it really quite old now but it’s still there.
It starts with that.
It starts with the grandmother raising me,and all of the early stages into moving into teenager and then into St. Louis.”
David and Mick?
First of all Mick wanted to do the dance.
David was just a gentleman,being there in some kind of way.
Trying to find out what he wanted to do with Tina.

Because they were like brothers,or close,close, close friends,and then I ended up doing an album with David and a live show.
We were dancing,.”Tonight”.

Tina concurs that the two of them together on stage was something special (“that was chemistry, that was!”).
But,not surprisingly goes all coy about the boy,refusing to reveal what the Thin White One had whispered in her ear during the sax-dominated instrumental break:

“No, I’m not telling ya!”..Cue lots of hysterical laughter,hoping Wossy changes the subject sharpish.
Of course he doesn’t.
Last time I saw David…🔽🔽

“I think I saw him in Brussels,and that was the actual last time that I went to his dressing room and said Hello,and talked about the show and where he was going.
”He was just in a shirt,trousers and a guitar and almost acapella,and that was the actual last time I went to his dressing room and said hello and talked about the show.
I remember the last thing he said..”I love you Tina”.. and I said ”I love you David” and that was all.

The next thing I heard,he was sick and then after that I saw Iman (David’s wife) and asked her how he was and she said “He’s OK”.
Because they kept it undercover,and then the news came through.

And the ”What’s Love Got To Do With It” hitmaker also opened up on her collaboration with the late icon David Bowie, and says their relationship was more about “singing”.
As he believed there was something he could learn from her voice.

“I had a different kind of collaboration with David, and it was more to do with the singing.
All those English guys felt I could sing.
They felt there was something to learn from my singing.
My vocals are natural.
I hit the note naturally and they’d go: ”What?! How’d you do that?!”
In 1985,..Tina Turner and Mel Gibson starred together in the film, ”Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” which became a massive hit at the box office.
Tina was at the height of her fame at the time, and of course,she played a queen while on the set.
In an interview Mel revealed exciting details regarding his relationship with Tina Turner.
According to Mel,at that time in his life,his career was about to hit rock bottom because of his rapacious lifestyle.

However,..Tina stepped in to help the Braveheart alumni.
Gibson told the reporters from the publication that he used to be “a wild boy” and would get “loaded” all the time.
Tina was aware of Mel’s behavior,and one day she sent him a photograph of himself and told him, “Please don’t mess this up”.
🔹 Below is the answer from Tina to "Innocent Bystanders" comment..”With costumes designed to mesmerise men”..🔽🔽
◾I never used sex to sell music when I performed on stage.
”All I ever wanted to do was give people a good time,” the rock-n-roll legend tells me.
”I never did sexual moves,and I never did sexual gestures”.
”I played with se But I never actually did it,so they thought I was really trying to come on to someone”.

”When I stood there,sweat dripping from me,all the make-up on,and the hair,and everybody looking up at me, smiling.That was what I always left the stage with”,Turner says.
Adding she always knew when enough was enough.
”Give them too much,and you’ll get them on stage with you”.
Tina,..now 77,draws a sharp contrast between her act,at the height of her solo fame in the Eighties, and the female superstars of today:
Woman like Beyonce,Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez.

She blames competiveness — and weak management — for the sexual provocativeness, that pervades the world of female music stars now.

”There’s not a lot of people in their ear,trying to talk about manners on stage”,she says.
”I think they started out doing what they wanted to do; and you weren’t able to correct them.
So I think that’s why they’re taking off more clothes.◾

”I never slept” with with either Jagger or Bowie, adding that neither of them ever “came on” to her.
She said: [They were] like the brothers that I never had. We never slept together; and they never came on to me,because I think they saw me as a role model in some kind of way.”



mudwolf posted:

She was, is and always will be unique

🔹 Mudwolf,....I agree with you,Tina stood for among other things..Energy,.Joy and Emotion when she appeared on stage.
It was seen that she had fun on stage,she loved to perform before her audience,and she always gave 100% at every Performance....

Therefore,..her Live Performance was so famous,the audience knew that they got two hours of Real Rock’n’Roll when they visited a Tina Turner Concert.
See the pictures below,they really convey what I'm referring to.....🔽🔽🔽 
🔸The Energy Of Tina

🔹The Joy Of Tina

🔸Public Contact With Tina

 🔹Rock'n'Roll Energy With Tina



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