To service or not to service?

Got 1st Naim kit: NAP 140 & NAC 62 (CB); Liking already though neither have ever been serviced, so although good sound, not quite the amazing step up from my last integrated amp, but liking some aspects. However, need convincing that having spent money I shouldn't have buying (& issue of noisy 'buzz/hum/plop' start up of NAP that stops after 4-5 seconds, then fine - am leaving on 24/7 thou at mo), the NAP ought to be serviced & I will be amazed at difference!? Especially to my credit card balance...?!

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Service now. At this point in time you really have not heard what this amp combo is capable of. A service will be mandatory for the 140 and , if it was me, I would have the 62 looked after as well for peace of mind. When they return you will have a very capable combo- really, they may surprise you with a suitable speaker!



PS My 110 was used for 25 yrs without service. One day, with brand new speakers, I hooked it all up. I believe it was an output resistor that popped resulting in a DC  spike sent to my new speaker. Result-blown tweeter and damaged woof. A very expensive lesson learned. Follow Naim's guidelines as they understand the tolerances of their components and want you to be happy with their products.

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Get the 140 serviced, and don't worry about the 62.


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I agree, service the amp!


Thanks - 2 votes so far: I take it this also includes fact I will hear big difference when done? I don't need much convincing; just need to look at what to sell to help fund it!

I bought a nac 62 and nap 140 in 1990. At the time I matched it with a Linn Sondek turntable and Epos 14 speakers. To this day I have rarely heard a better system.What you have is excellent, but get the nap 140 serviced and you have the basis of an very musical system, especially for playing records. It would be my choice for a second system after my current 12000 euro system. By the way, a second hand hicap will really make it sing.

UPDATE: found with testing at dealers (thanks again to Basically Sound, Tony & Graham), that my Beresford DAC, due to it being a 5V direct input supply, is not earthed/independent therefore meaning when plugged into the NAC62, the usual start-up sound (hum/buzz/pop that takes 4-5 seconds set up to earth/'ground' it - standard) that the NAP 140 makes, is pushing to speakers & amplified (due to the 2V DAC output to NAC no doubt) -- apologies if this doesn't sound right/not accurate. Essentially, all is right with NAP/ NAC.  

Shows how mixing equipment can cause interesting effects, as Naim stuff is all designed to 'work' together so well!

However, have taken big decision/opportunity for BOTH to be sent off to Class A for servicing, so am looking forward to a big uplift to them on return & a good week or so settling/burn in! Thank goodness for credit cards!?

I will update in 2 weeks when all back & running. Eager/excited of Norfolk!


Really getting to hear & appreciate the PRaT of Naim (none for next 2 weeks thou!) -- how is this; it's just circuits can different makes of hi-fi sound different!?


I've just done my first upgrade in 30 years from Nait 2. Still old school tho with 62/180/Hicap . I too think it's all due a service, but having just got it I want to play music!! I'm LP12, Rega Apollo, (Naim) and Tannoy DC10Ts.
I also borrowed a friends 70s unmodified nac 32 and running it with the 180 to my ears it sounds better than the 62 with vinyl. Thoughts anyone??


Well....after what seemed like weeks (only 2), BOTH the 62 & the 140 are back from Class A having had full 'service'. So far, 1st 20 ins plugged in & WOW; anyone who doubts getting 1988 amp AND pre serviced, DO IT; change was immediate & noticeable. Much better wider sound stage & 'airy' sound & that's only 1st 20 mins! With time over last 2-3 weeks, it is opening out & I'm hearing things in my usual 'testing' tracks I've not detected before. It has cost a lot, but definitely made these like new, I feel. Also, at idle, the hum from the mid/bass speaker that was evident before is not there anymore (well, very very subtle & the prominent 'hiss' from the tweeter has been reduced a lot too. The sounds I am getting are so controlled & with even more PRaT. With the 62 & the MM boards having been done too, the TT sound is great too; much richer full sound.

If you have any kit over 10 years old & no evidence of any service, then you may not notice how the quality has 'slid' over time UNTIL you get it done! --- (mind you, be aware of all the 'extra' places offering services for Naim kit as 1 should really use places that use genuine Naim components to keep the Naim 'sound' set up).

Update -- succumbed to a 'too good to miss' deal at Audio T in Brighton. A 1987 Hicap freshly serviced by Class A for under £400! Added it to my 62/140 & straight away, amazed by difference! Smile /grin within moments! Wider/fuller/thicker (as that hair advert goes!)...such more presence & 'oomph' to sound & sound stage...I can now hear what people have been saying about what a Hicap can bring to a system.

Was soooo worried I really shouldn't have spent anymore money, but I am now getting the sort of sound I have been aiming/dreaming of getting & have heard in hi-end hi-fi demos.


As weeks have gone by (as had since Aug 19th running quite a lot everyday), it is just getting better & better; am sure the bass & sweetness of the overall sound has improved just this last few days. SO pleased. (Mustn't dwell on adding up the total spend this summer). At least it will keep me satisfied (I damn well hope 'upgrad-itas will stop now!?) for a long long time.

It is now at stage where I am just enjoying listening to more & more music, having to watch I don't spend too many hours past midnight just keeping finding new/different music to enjoy -- but that's the beauty of a good sorted Naim system - 'it's all about the music'!!

Well done.  It's so nice to hear of examples of members being bowled over by the performance of their system and enjoying their music.  I suspect many spend a great deal more but get less enjoyment than your have described. When the system just 'sings' and your expectations are exceeded is such a lovely time. Bask in it!     

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Well done.  It's so nice to hear of examples of members being bowled over by the performance of their system and enjoying their music.  I suspect many spend a great deal more but get less enjoyment than your have described. When the system just 'sings' and your expectations are exceeded is such a lovely time. Bask in it! really good I have stopped listening to the 'hi-fi' & "am I getting the sound I'm after/what is it missing/is there something else out there that could do more?!" business & really listening!

I am basking, well when I can turn it up a bit more when house empty!

Also, since I am now embarking on self employment/setting up a sole trader business, nowt money for anymore changes!!

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