Tomtom Audio SBL foams!

A few of you guys may be aware that some time ago I was debating between speaker foams. I.e. the relatively cheap Ebay ones or the proper (and expensive) ones from tomtom audio.  I knew the cheaper ones just wouldn't cut it so I bit the bullet and ordered the ones from James and Henry at tomtom.

All I can say is that they are absolutely fantastic.  They just look brilliant, and my SBL's look spanking new again.  I am over the moon with them.  Whilst they are damn expensive, the fact they look so good and fit so perfectly definitely relieves the pain that has been inflicted upon my wallet during the purchasing process!  

I couldn't find any really good photos when I was shopping around for some, so here are some decent pics to sway any of you guys currently sitting on the fence.

Thanks as usual to the guys at tomtom for (a) arranging the re-manufacture of these, sourcing, and supplying them, and (b) quick delivery and friendly service as always.  Cheers boys


Old and new:



nice chamfered edge on the new ones:



my old ones (they actually don't look too bad until you compare against the new ones!



Vs new:



and some general shots to show how good they look.




May favourite shot, an example of a perfectly set up SBL.  No wonkey top box or incorrect spacing to see here


Original Post

The eBay ones do not have a bevelled top so it sits level with the top box.  The also don't have the cut out on the rear, and you need more velcro on the rear of the eBay ones to fit them to clear the driver, therefore you have a gap around the outside. 

Ah, you must have the earlier ones that had the cut outs. I think there are two types available, one with and one without. Both retailing at about £50.

Anyway to my understanding the Tomtom ones are the closest to the original design. Not slating yours, I just wanted mine to be 'exact' as I have OCD

Christopher_M posted:

Do they sound ok with one of the speakers against glass? Or was it just placed there for the pics?


Chris, they sound great actually.  The placement of the right speaker isn't perfect but it's the only way I can fit them in my current room.  It doesn't appear to have an adverse affect on the sound at all though.  


Yetizone posted:

They look really good - amazing how much of a difference new grilles make. A stunning set of SBL speakers you have there I recently bought a new set of grilles for my Rega Kytes and they look brand new again.

Thanks, it certainly has made them look new.  The cabinets and everything are as new but the old grills let them down.  Amazing the difference it makes.

mike_g posted:

I think you might find they sound better than the eBay version l know I did 

They seem to sound as good as the originals which is nice


A few more pics of the edging to show how well they fit.  They really are pretty decent!




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