UK Freespeech?

I don’t think that the Judge’s judgment/sentencing remarks in the contempt of court have yet been officially published (they may have been reported in the press, which is different). There is an ongoing and separate criminal trial, details of which MAY NOT be published.

More info (from another reliable legal source) here:

”The judgment of HHJ Morson [sic, Marson] has not been published at the time of writing this post. This ought to throw a fuller light on the facts and the court's reasoning.  Either a written judgment or a transcription of an oral judgment should be provided in accordance with this Practice Direction - (paras 14 and 15).  This post will be updated if necessary following the publication of any judgment.” (See full post for hyperlink.)

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If you haven’t read an accurate report of the case, probably best not to comment.

From what I have read though... it’s hard to find details of the case as to publish details would in turn cause breaches of contempt of court.  :-)

@Eloise - true in part, but see my post above. Best to stick to reliable legal sources.

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There is a very good piece on this case, by 'The Secret Barrister' here, which should clarify a few things:

I must admit to having approached this article with quite a bit of trepidation, knowing very little about 'The Secret Barrister' , his or her background and his or her motive for the article. 

So far, I have just had time to skim through the fairly lengthy article, but to my surprise have found it to be a pretty fair assessment of the proceedings involving the courts and Yaxley-Lennon (or Tommy Robinson), being largely critical of Yaxley-Lennon and his motives and largely supportive of the courts and their verdict. 

Yaxley-Lennon, in my view is nothing less than an out and out racist propagandist, bully and mob inspiring lout who now attempts to masquerade as a public serving vigilante. A vigilante with a very specific racist agenda.  

I guess we definitely agree on this front.   

On another (non-HI-FI) forum I frequent there are, from memory, three UK lawyers, all of whom reckon The Secret Barrister to be pretty much spot on. There’s an awful lot of misinformation scudding round the world (on all sides) so it’s good to have someone who seems reliably straight to debunk nonsense from a legal point of view.

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