UnitiQute 2 for AV related purposes: Est que c'est possible?

I've never been fussed by enormous TV's, I tend to find them obnoxious and ugly looking, and they spoil the look of a room in my opinion, as a result, we only have a modestly sized one in our lounge.  Anyhow, my wife recently persuaded me that we should buy a projector off some good friends that they no longer required.  It's a few years old but it's high end and does HD etc.  I wasn't too bothered at the time, but now i've used it I am impressed!  It's quite fun to indulge in a film in super scale, however, the issue is that we've currently hodge-poged a sound system via some Bose laptop speakers, and whilst it works ok, it clearly doesn't not cut the marmalade sandwiches.

My question is, can it be connected to my UnitiQute somehow, to process the sound via the SBL's?  It's not going to be  booming off the wall or anything, I just want something more effective and long term.  The projector uses an HDMI cable to connect to a laptop which is generally the source.  I can't think of an obvious way this could be done? 

I suppose the other idea is a soundbar or one of those Bose surround systems, but then there will be cables trailing all over the place which I don't want either, and as my wife suggested, why don't we use the (I quote) ''elaborate and expensive hifi'' to process the sound instead?

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Lewis, you could take an audio out from the laptop.  You might be best via a USB DAC though, perhaps something like a Dragonfly?  Or else if the laptop has a digital out then you could connect digitally to the DAC input of your UQ2. Note though that you will need to ensure that any digital output is set to 2 channel PCM and not multichannel bitstream.

I have a setup like this with a SuperUniti but previously had a UnitiQute 2.  I have a Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, Terrestrial TV Tuner and DVD player into a 4:1 HDMI switcher.  The video switcher's output is sent through a HDMI Audio De-Embedder that sends the audio out as Optical SPDIF.

My projector has quite a lag on the video signal, so to improve the lip sync I bought a Digital Audio Lip Sync delay from JS Tech in Scotland. This has an optical audio input and output.

So basically my system looks like:

HDMI sources ---HDMI---> HDMI switcher ---HDMI---> Audio De-embedder ---Optical---> Delay ---Optical---> UQ2

Hope that helps you!

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