Uniti 1 off to the factory

Well, after eight years, my trusty Uniti, the original version, is off to the factory for a repair, service and upgrade to the 24-bit board.  Unfortunately, mine was one of a batch that had faulty OLED displays that went dim after a period.  It's almost impossible to read now, so it really does need to be repaired.  Apparently, a batch of faulty displays is the problem.

I understand the upgrade makes a significant difference.  Does anyone have any experience of this?


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I had exactly the same problem. A gradual deterioration of the display to a point of being unusable at around 6 years. I got my display replaced and the network card upgraded to accommodate 24/192. This also gives access to various streaming services. I remember that it was cost effective to have both the board upgrade and display fixed at the same time.

My unit is now more reliable. It had been prone to the "Fault 59" error which is apparently the sign of a failing streamer board. It is working fine since the repair about 6 months ago.

I suspect there is an improvement in sound quality - but my 60+ year ears can't really discern it.



feeling_zen posted:

Curious. Are Naim recapping it too? I've not yet heard of Unity products getting recapped but eventually I suppose they must.

I don't actually know.  The dealer told me it would be completely serviced and I am guessing some caps might be replaced, although to be honest, the unit is only 8 years old.


I’ve never heard of any claims that the 24/192 board improves sound quality, but it will give you access to quite a few new features, including Tidal, Spotify, BBC HLS streams and multiroom, as well as just playing 24/192 files. 

The fading display is a known issue that has been widely reported, and I’m not 100% certain that it’s just an isolated batch, so I keep mine switched off anyway. 

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