Uniti Core Shipping

Dear Forum Members,

We are pleased to inform you that shipping of Uniti Core has recommenced today.  A firmware update will be available for download on Monday via the iOS app.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the last few weeks while we put the finishing touches on your Uniti Cores.

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Just to ask the obvious...Will the first batch released be 100% to current spec once the firmware update has been applied?  Meaning, no hardware changes have been made to differentiate the current release from the first release?

Just picked my uniti core up this morning, even the dealer was surprised to get a Saturday delivery. Now installed and I am steadily ripping my cd collection. The set up went fine, though the App failed to show the uniti core for a while, then did a firmware update, which surprised me as I thought that would have been done before release? So far seems to built like a tank and easy to use, famous last words........


One of the reasons I gave up on Linux was if you didn't keep on top of the updates it fell over if you tried to catch up and missed one or didn't reboot between each. It was a case of "you don't want to be starting from here" too often and I tried 4 different flavours at least.

 Is a check included in the firmware updates for the Core to make sure you're starting from the right base.

Thanks John, I'd hope that was the case but suddenly had horrible memories of trying to run Gentoo linux without the commitment of a full blown geek. (I could leave the pc alone for weeks at a time, I don't think the linux comunity could even imagine that someone could do that.)

It might have been the intention to use the web interface at some point in the past. I have no idea. It might be the intention to use it in the future. Again I don't know. It certaknly has not been used on port 80 at any point of the beta test so far. 

yeti42 posted:

I doesn't have to go back to Naim when the hard drive fails, the OS is in firmware and the disk is user replaceable. There is some debate as to the sound quality difference if any, it's rather early days yet.

Just to add to that, the Core has an internal linear power supply, boots up quickly, runs a lot cooler than the UnitiServe and plays DSD files.

As for sound quality, it's a formidable digital source when fed with UnitiServe rips, DSD and hi-res files.


Naijeru posted:
Jejoma posted:

Thanks for the info Jan. I could just about fry an egg on my UnitiServe so I guess there is a lot of electricity going to waste there.

Really? My UnitiServe runs relatively cool. Is yours an SSD version?

Mine doesn't get too hot either. But then, neither does my house, and the US has plenty of air around it. It nearly always sits at 40 degrees - at least that's what it tells me. 

So I've had the Core 2 days, not yet got a way of playing back the files and may wait to hear the hugo 2. I have however ripped a few CDs, I get artwork for Frank Zappas Lether album and a Cat Power album, Porcupine Tree Voyage 34 is recognised but no artwork, On Photography comes up only as Gavin Bryers but no connection to the Latvian Radio Chior or the other composers or any artwork and a Louis Armstrong compilation from Readers Digest isn't recognised at all. I've not found a way of editing the infomation and reloading metadata has it looking for Elvis Presley albums. Leaving it as Unknown will get a trifle confusing when I get to the more obscure discs. I've only got a quick start guide to go on. The app is on an ipad.

Both the UnitiQute and the UnitiServe run pretty hot. I queried this both with my dealer and Naim, who had the UnitiServe back at one point, but both said the temperature was acceptable.

I'm about to reposition the two units so I'll see if that makes any difference.

Oh, and it is a regular harddrive.

Core runs very cool. The hard disc I have internally in one of mine is running at about 50-55 degrees C which is hot but within the working specification of the drive (I checked) The drive tray on Core is plastic, so probably isnt very good for thermal conduction

Phil Harris this one is for you....

OK, so I have a Core on 24 hour loan from my extremely helpful and accommodating dealer (because I thought it might do the job of an Atom now I have to wait another xx months) but I have some issues you may wish to help with or comment upon.  I've owned a Unitiserv since they were first released which I've mastered, love to bits and use on a daily basis. (over 5,000+ CD's ripped so far)

The Core is working OK with a USB stick plugged in the front, I have music playing from the digital output no problem.

1.  The Core cant seem to find my Synology NAS drive shares? Every other piece of hifi gear I have does with no issues, I am being stupid? is there something I need to do with the app for this to happen?

2.  I couldn't see a place where to directly enter the NAS shares url into the Core app, is there such a facility?

3.  I'm aware that there is currently no metadata editing right now but when there is will there be a PC application similar to what I currently use with Unitiserv? or will it be app based only? This is a deal breaker for me and I fact I can't sleep at night because of it.

4.  Why is the app so Spartan (features wise) compared to the *old* nserve app I used with Unitiserve?



For a SYNOLOGY NAS drive:

 instructions are for current DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 9

 Open DSM

Open Control panel

 Open File Services

Under ‘’Win/MAC/NFS’ : click ‘’enable Windows file service’’

 Open Advanced Settings

Click: ‘’Enable Local Master Browser’’

 Save it by clicking APPLY

Reboot your NAS drive(s).

When it is back on line (Status light green), reboot your Core: stand-by then pull the plug, wait 1 minute, re-plug it.

 Restart the Naim app (kill it and restart it new)

After about 5 minutes you should be able to see your shared folders, to enable your music shares and to promote some folders to Music Store


MANU - Thank you for your reply, I can see how that would help but my problem was much more easily solved.  I simply had to reboot the network switch that the Core was connected to, even though every other network device using the same switch could access the Synology with no problems.  I can only guess that the switch had locked up the IP address of the Core at some point during initial installation.

Here is some initial feedback on Core, some of which I have already informed Naim about.

1.  The ripping speed of Unitiserv and Core is almost, to the second exactly the same speed, although thankfully the Core doesn't spit out the CD's like my Unitiserv does.

1a. Inserting a CD into the slot on a Core is slightly more difficult that the US, I've ripped 5,000 or so CDs on a US so far and can do it without looking.

1b.  For now due to the desktop software not working and the lack of Metadata editing I'm going to continue using my US to rip and the Core as a streamer / front end only.  When I rip a CD with US after a short time it automatically appears as a new CD on the Core app.

2.  The sound quality of each rip (US and Core) to the naked ear are identical but the file size produced is a bit bigger on the Core.  I've been informed by Naim that the Core produces better rips? Has anyone done a bit test or more in-depth comparison yet?

3. There is no power switch on the back of the Core, I wonder why?

4.  There is no web-page based app software on the Core like there is on US, I do hope this comes over time.

5.  The Desktop software for the US recognises automatically rips that have been done with the Core, but unfortunately if you try to right click to edit the metadata it won't allow you to do so.

6.  Whatever you do don't rub the Core with your hands otherwise you'll get a strange white mark on the unit which you can only remove with the supplied cloth.  Very strange!

7.  The ripping monitor part of the app doesn't work properly with the tracks list being ripped changing at random, although this doesn't affect the ripping in any way that I can see.

8.  For some reason rips with the Core name the album artwork coverfront.jpg and not folder.jpg as per US, which means that if you play an album with Windows media player (and perhaps other players) the artwork doesn't show.

I have much more to say but didn't want to make this post too long.





I am finding that US files copied to the Core's internal hard disc and then played back by the Core via upnp streaming to my SuperUniti sound different to the same files played the same way from the US. The Core is a little brighter, even brittle sometimes. A friend who has done the same comparison on his system found the same difference. He prefers the Core but I'm not sure that I do. Anyway they do clearly sound different to each other.