Uniti Nova and Muso - Conflict with iOS app

I'm not sure I'm posting this to the right section of the forum and I've been browsing through the forum to get any info but have not managed so far. So I do apologise in advance if I'm repeating some other postings.

I am lucky enough to have a Uniti Nova in my living room and a Muso in my bedroom and really happy with them both. I'm using iOS Naim app to control both. My issue is that after using Nova with the app and turned it off, next time I launch the iOS app to use the Muso, the Nova turned on automatically and I have to turn the Nova off manually to switch to Muso. It is a little strange to have to do that. I would have thought when the Naim app is launched, it shouldn't turn on the device it was last used automatically.

I don't think I explained it properly but hopefully you will see what I mean. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance.



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You want "stay connected" unticked.

But I think Naim would say that this behaviour is a feature not a bug. The app reconnects to what you were last using. That is certainly what I would prefer. I use the app to control the SuperUniti in my home office and I'm in and out of there all day. It would be a real pain to have to reselect the SU in the app each time I wanted to control it, or I had come back after being out for an hour or so, or turned it down as I had a phone call or whatever.

It's easy to use the app to turn down your Nova if you want to use the muso and anyway if you are going off to bed then you can turn the Nova volume down or something so that if the app does turn the Nova on again when you want to wake up the muso, it doesn't matter.