Uniti Progress Update

As to keep you informed of current news and developments regarding Uniti, we will be updating the Naim Forum weekly with progress updates and upcoming software and firmware release information within this post.

15th December

We are pleased to announce that the Uniti Core 2.5 firmware update is now available. This update brings fundamental usability improvements and bug fixes, as detailed below.

New Features

Ripping - The ripping monitor now gives detailed error reporting on read errors on a track by track basis
Ripping - Detailed rip results are stored with each CD which allows the app to show error information for all ripped albums
Ripping - Detailed feedback for ripping problems
New: Ripping - If a CD fails to rip, the eject button LED flashes repeatedly to let the user know the CD has not been imported. The user has to press eject to retrieve the CD.
Ripping - Home screen "More..." link now has an option to view albums that are ripped with errors
Ripping - When a CD has finished ripping, the ripping monitor retains the results (even if the app is closed when the CD finishes the rip), allowing you to check the result of the rip
Ripping - If tracks fail to rip due to too many errors, the track is discarded and proceeds to the next track
Ripping - FLAC files are now tagged with all available descriptions, composers and conductors for a track
Metadata - Composer and conductor tags now read when scanning music into the downloads folder, network or USB drives
Concept of 'recycling' albums has been dropped. Deleted albums have now been removed from the store but not copied to the recycle bin

Improved Features

Faster and more reliable shared network discovery
Improved disc formatting, reliability and user feedback
Formatting - accurate progress reporting for NTFS and HFS+
Modifications to changes in Downloads folder picked up quicker
Firmware update more robust under poor internet conditions
Faster encoding to FLAC during rip
Improved: Database retention of data of absent music stores and flushing of data of transient USB devices - faster database response when filesystems come and go

Fixed Issues

Better error handling when importing to a full music store
Units occasionally crashed when generating audio signature for some files
Units occasionally crashed when large PNG images were embedded into FLAC files
Units occasionally crashed when deleting files which had already been moved
Some units sometimes abandoned the rip if target store becomes unavailable (e.g. when trying to re-initialise the disk)
Ripping - Prevent entry into standby during active rip
Power - Some units would occasionally switch back on 6 seconds after entering standby
Metadata - Problems reading metadata from some FLAC files with unusually high number of metadata blocks
Metadata - FreeDB multi-line track titles are now supported
Metadata - Occasional incorrect metadata on imported albums (was dependent on what order files were copied into the Downloads folder)
Metadata - Zero length comments in FLAC not handled correctly
Metadata - Various fixes to background scanning of music collections
Metadata - Restrict dimensions of cover art to prevent out of memory condition (2500x2500)
Metadata - Housekeeper now deletes artist folders with no content
Units occasionally reported the incorrect device label for some USB drives
Shares - Some network shares would fail to index
Shares - Incorrect reporting of network shares as read only
Playback - SPDIF output disabled after 5 seconds of inactivity
Playback - Next track command occasionally froze playback counter until end of track
Playback - Previous track command now works when playback is paused. PREV/NEXT will resume paused playback.
Playback - Increased SPDIF silent gap on a clock/format change

Best Wishes,

Trevor Wilson

6th November

Following the release of Uniti Star for retail, our software and R&D teams have been working on a software update for Uniti Core.  We have listened to your feedback, which has informed the work we have been undertaking on this update.

We would like to inform you ahead of our scheduled December release, what will be included in the 2.5 Uniti Core update.

Release Notes

  • Fixed: error reporting for ripped CDs: improved rip monitor and new view in the app that shows all albums/tracks with rip errors
  • Fixed: losing content of some shared folders on a NAS with several shares
  • Improved: formatting reliability and progress feedback in the app.
  • Improved: robustness and reliability of share discovery.
  • Improved: crashes caused by rogue artwork (over 2500 x 2500 pixels) and some FLAC metadata have been stabilised

The Software Test team are now working to ensure the stability and long-term usability of the update.  We will inform you of any changes to the release notes closer to the time of release.

Best Wishes,

Trevor Wilson

18th October

The Software Team have now completed their work on Roon Ready for Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova and we are pleased to say that the updated firmware (version 2.3) is now available to download and enjoy.  We have also uploaded new Apple and Android apps with Roon compatibility to the App Store and Play Store, see release notes below.

For more information on creating a Roon account, setup and support, Roon has created an extensive knowledge base that covers all these topics and more.  They also offer a Support service should you experience any problems.

You will need to download the latest Roon app from their website.

OS v5.8.2 Release Notes

Added: support for Roon (when running firmware v2.3)
Fixed: a crash relating to adding tracks to a long playlist
Fixed: minor UI glitches - when using TIDAL, when connected to Bluetooth, when ripping CDs
Fixed: a bug that prevented artwork changes to ripped CDs

Android v2.3.1 Release Notes

Added: support for Roon (when running firmware v2.3)
Fixed: miscellaneous crashes

6th October

We are very pleased to announce the launch of Roon Ready at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest today, with our new Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova.  As a company, we have always appreciated that our customers enjoy listening to their music in a variety of different ways. Roon has created a solution that appeals to the audiophile and music enthusiast community and we are delighted to be able to extend this feature to you.

A software update will be available at the end of October across the Uniti all-in-one players featuring Roon Ready.

Android App v2.3.1

Fixed: miscellaneous crashes fixed

28th September

I am delighted to inform you that our versatile all-in-one player, Uniti Star, is now available for demonstration at your local specialist retailer.

Both the iOS and Android apps have been updated to include Uniti Star functionality and are now available for download from the App Store and Play Store.  Moving forwards, all updates for the Uniti range will take place over-the-air.

Android App v2.3

Included: Compatibility for Uniti Star
Fixed: Jumpiness of metadata scrolling
Fixed: Improved stability of showing inputs when reconnecting to product
Fixed: Issues with Playlists
Fixed: Tidy-up of room screen
Fixed: Miscellaneous crash reports

iOS App v.5.8

Included: Compatibility for Uniti Star
Fixed: Updated to ensure seamless integration with iOS 11
Fixed: Improved ripping monitor
Fixed: Numerous performance and bug fixes

Best Wishes,
Trevor Wilson 

6th September

Dear Forum Members,

I am pleased to say that we are still on-track to release Uniti Star in September.  The teams are working hard putting the finishing touches on the software and thoroughly testing all functionality. Alongside the release will be new iOS and Android apps to include Uniti Star functionality.

I am aware that questions are being asked on when multiroom will be enabled from the Uniti to the Mu-so range and our other networked players.  It is a priority for us and we are working as quickly as we can to ensure it is stable and the sound quality is where it should be.

I will update you as soon as I have more news.

Best Wishes,

Trevor Wilson

1st September

Naim Android App v2.2.1 has been released to the Play Store

Release Notes

Fixed: Crash when selecting input then selecting 'Now Playing' bar

This crash was only seen on Mu-so range and original Uniti range products

25th August

I am delighted to inform you that we have now passed all approvals for Uniti Nova.

All further updates to Uniti Nova will take place over-the-air as we move forward.

The Production Department continues at a significantly increased output capacity compared to previous years – for the first time in Naim’s history, we have triple shifts running 24 hours a day.  We are building and testing Uniti Star ready for release, alongside Uniti Atom, Uniti Nova, Uniti Core and Classic products to fulfil your orders.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your patience throughout this process, we are working flat-out to provide you with the very best quality Naim products.

As you will have seen the early press reviews are hugely positive - with more to come - and of course you will have now had time to truly experience how good Atom is. I’m glad to say Nova is significantly better still.

The Naim iOS v.5.7.5 app has been released to the App Store, featuring Uniti Nova support.

 Release Notes

Fixed: occasional crashes when populating Home Screen tabs
Fixed: rooms screen welcome 'Find My Rooms' button stopped responding after the app is minimised on an iPad
Fixed: the app not navigating to 'Rooms' during firmware update via the front panel
Fixed: removed ‘Check for Updates’ menu item in ‘Settings’ on unsupported products
Fixed: Legacy - in 'Settings' the 'Check for Updates' menu item has been removed.
Fixed: disabling TIDAL from the Settings menu did not log the user out of TIDAL

24th August

Android app v2.2.1971 has been released to the Play Store, featuring Uniti Nova support.

Release Notes

Fixed: miscellaneous UI improvements on home screen whilst connected to Uniti Atom
Fixed: miscellaneous improvements on Settings menu whilst connected to Uniti Atom
Fixed: Remove 'Stop Stream' Banner from Now Playing screen on inputs that do not need it
Fixed: Uniti Atom - Spotify - Now Playing - updated images
Fixed: Tap for options to work when Uniti Core is UPnP server
Fixed: Uniti Atom - Server mode settings
Fixed: Crash fixes
Fixed: Uniti Atom - power loop issue
Fixed: Volume slider unresponsive after relaunching the app
Fixed: Uniti Atom -Missing Seek2Time node on certain inputs
Fixed: Uniti Atom - Auto Standby Time - wrong options
Fixed: Miscellaneous UI improvements
Fixed: Crash when select 'Go To' options on Tidal Now Playing screen
Fixed: Missing streaming info on Now Playing screen
Fixed: Product Name is replaced with IP address after closing and relaunching the app
Fixed: TIDAL search not being user-friendly
Fixed: FM presets not working after being deleted
Fixed: Adjust titles on home screen so can now scroll
Fixed: UPnP - remove play options that did not work
Fixed: Empty playlist created for Uniti Core UPnP

Uniti Atom Software Update

A software update will be available today for Uniti Atom.  Your app will notify you when the update becomes available for download.

Release Notes

Fixed: Setup Wizard doesn't always offer appropriate country selection after user has set language
Fixed: WiFi key entry has keyboard control and selection issues
Fixed: Added new translations for some on-screen text
Fixed: Favourites selection sometimes out of sync with available favourites
Fixed: Some FLAC files would not play from USB device
Improved: Now Playing screen for several inputs

15th August

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing the Uniti Core 1.5 firmware update tomorrow - the 15th August.  Once live, the Naim app will notify users that an update is available for download.

Release Notes

Fixed: occasional missing downloads folder
Fixed: networking - CIFS share discovery is very slow
Fixed: HDD larger than 2TB formatted as NTFS on core is not readable on Windows machine
Fixed: FLAC tag reader returns invalid characters and results in unplayable tracks
Fixed: some FLAC tracks playable via UPnP but not via S/PDIF.

If you have any questions regarding the update please contact the Tech Support Team.

Best Wishes,

Naim Audio

14th August

iOS App version 5.7.4 has been released to the App Store.

Release Notes

Fixed: when updating a Uniti Core, the app would bounce the user back to the room screen without restarting the unit.
Optimised: app size for quicker download and installing

11th August

Now that we have passed the first phase of global distribution for Uniti Atom, we are working around the clock, building to meet the back order demand. This is being achieved via a three shift pattern seven days a week.

I am pleased to report that the new look Uniti seems to be gaining the acclaim we hoped and worked so hard to deliver, here is a link to the first stellar review from What HiFi.

Multiroom firmware has needed further improvements to increase stability. Although functioning well, releasing a feature that could have been better is not something we will do.  Extensive beta and test programmes are in progress and we will inform you as soon as an update with Mu-so multiroom functionality is available.  Please rest assured, this is a top priority.

Uniti Nova production is also going full steam ahead as we are in the last stages of certification approval. And Star is making great progress to complete the line-up.

Best Wishes,

Ryan Latham

4th August

hi all, update for you as requested. HDMI is now in final test. Nova is also in final test, indeed a large beta test is taking place this weekend within Naim R&D as a shakedown check. I would not expect a long wait now at all, but we really want it right. We are closely working with the licensing partners (as we need to work with them on all products). 

Best wishes,


27th July

We are pleased to announce that a new update for the Naim Android App is now available to download from the Play Store. The V2.1.1 release fixes known volume issues and some crash fixes affecting Uniti Atom. 

18th July

We are pleased to announce that v2.1 of the Android app is now available for download from the Play Store. This release includes functionality for Uniti Atom, Uniti Core and other Naim streaming products. 

 Naim Android App v2.1

Fixed: app crashes when minimised and re-launched
Fixed: missing home screen input icons
Fixed: crash when selecting the ‘More’ item on Uniti Core’s browse menu
Fixed: glitch when moving between UPnP and TIDAL playlists
Fixed: Mu-so/Mu-so Qb wireless setup occasional failures
Fixed: ‘Now Playing’ screen Bluetooth input missing transport buttons
Fixed: Uniti Core share scanning ‘Clear All’ option not working
Fixed: Uniti Core share scanning configuration not working
Fixed: Uniti Core occasional unexpected ‘Error 404’ alert pop-ups
Fixed: Uniti Core playlist/play queue bug fixes
Fixed: Uniti Core - setting up an external store didn't give the user an option between WAV or FLAC
Fixed: Uniti Core - ‘Ripping Settings’ not updating after configuring a new store
Fixed: Uniti Core - information displayed on the ripping monitor is compromised depending on artwork size
Fixed: TIDAL search bar glitches
Fixed: TIDAL search - continual keyboard pop-ups
Fixed: TIDAL - some artist info not available
Fixed: TIDAL - missing ‘Repeat’ and ‘Shuffle’ from ‘Now Playing’ screen
Fixed: general - restoring states after suspension and resume of app
Fixed: iRadio - BBC radio station missing station info and buffer rate

12th July

The previous week has seen some great progress; one of the very few approvals left for certification is now in the bag. 

We are down to the last few issues, the Software department are working through them and there will hopefully be an update for you at the end of the week.  We are continuing to build Uniti Atom ready for shipping as soon as we are able to send them out. 

Best Wishes,


5th July

As promised another update. 

Last week saw some good progress with the certification labs.  The issues found were diagnosed, fixed and returned back in for checks. Currently, we are in the test houses and awaiting feedback from them. We are regularly in calls with them and things appear to be going the right way but until it’s all approved we are fine tuning the software and the app to make the best use of the time.

Rest assured we are doing all we can.


27th June

Hi All,

I appreciate all the excitement regarding the new product range of Uniti Atom, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova.

We are extremely focused on delivering these products to our sound aspirations and functional aspirations, nothing is being done that detracts or distracts from this.

We have listened to your collective request for updates and have been providing them for you with as much detail as we can. As previously discussed I am contractually constrained with exactly the details that I can share, and whilst I wish to be transparent – I cannot risk the long-term support of our technical partners for a very short-term chance to be more popular on this forum. I appreciate this is frustrating to some of you, but I always look to ensure that the enjoyment of the music is delivered in the long term.

Currently I can say that the latest cycle of certification has thrown up some small but important issues in the eyes of our technical licensor partners.  We are addressing these, but it is a complex inter-woven scenario that means negotiation between various parties needs to take place. We are making good headway on this, but we do not control these companies so our ability to definitively give dates is, to a large extent, reliant on them giving us commitments/expectations that we can act upon.

We are further forward than last week’s update, indeed one certification is completed now, however, others remain open. As explained above we are in a very tight cycle of conversation and process to resolve. I can’t disclose which is completed as that would risk our other licensor partners receiving comments from customers that could make the situation more complex for us. Please bear this in mind.

Did we know that certification issues would happen when we launched last year? To a large extent yes, however we did not expect or anticipate some of the realities/relationships (even with our experience in development) and we launched based on agreements and understandings/experience that were not correct.

20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I can honestly say it’s been a brutal and hard experience in bringing this product to market and one that I’m very sure the whole team do not want again.  The whole of Naim is looking inwards saying “how do we improve so this isn’t experienced again by our customers?”

Looking past our introspection, the outcome ultimately will be a great product range that I’m confident you will enjoy for many years to come.

Furthermore, I recognise that in the eyes of some customers there are things that need addressing in Uniti Core. These comments have not fallen on deaf ears at all, the majority are scheduled and allocated into release planning. The work packages are complex and interwoven so until Uniti Atom is released I choose not to commit to a date/delivery that I might be unable to deliver against.

Rest assured the issues are noted, the requests/features and improvements are logged. Some, for example, TIDAL on a Uniti Core will not be delivered as it was designed and intended to be a server product, not a headless streamer. Other features like metadata for composer, conductor for example are in the release planning.

Android release is nearing completion now, and I feel it’s fair and honest to say we recognise that we need to do much better in supporting our customers here. This hasn’t been ignored internally. Our user base demographic is still heavily biased towards iOS in this market segment but in no way does that excuse the delay we must do better, and we shall.

I must ask however, that whilst I appreciate the frustrations, please do consider that the team involved are fully aware of the frustrations our customers have, but the manner in which these are detailed – particularly but not exclusively on this forum – could be damaging to the morale of the team tasked to deliver, at a time when we all need them to be positive and striving to deliver excellence. Please bear this in mind, we all need the team on their A game, we take the feedback fairly and squarely, but I now request that pragmatism reigns please.

We will, of course, update as things change or in a week’s time


22nd June

We are so nearly there with certifications and are just awaiting final approval from Google, Spotify and AirPlay.  We are in close contact with all these organisations to ensure we are doing everything possible to conform to their regulations.

We will be in contact again once we have passed the certifications process, at which point we can start programming ready to ship your Uniti Atoms.


14th June

We have made significant progress over the past 7 days and are on top of the issues of certifications sign-off.  We are nearly there and the feedback from the various labs is very positive and we are very close to gaining final certifications.

The Production Department is continuing with the build of Uniti Atom and we are pleased to say we will commence programming shortly.

As soon as we have more information for you, we will be in touch with an update.

08th June

Yesterday evening we received confirmation that we have failed one of the many rigorous tests that we must pass in order to begin shipping. So far we don’t have detailed feedback on the reasons why, but hopefully we will do in the next few hours and will react and solve swiftly. We do not believe this will represent a significant delay, although it must delay us a little.

We are continuing to build Uniti Atom at a rapid pace and have increased production to ensure we can get the products out to you as fast as we can, with all of the necessary approvals in place. It’s a complex blend to manage for the entire Naim team, and whilst we do appreciate the desire and hunger for the product, we also need to ensure that the entire team remains focused and driven to hit this goal for us all and provide you with product that is fully functional and stable.

We will update your with further information in the next seven days. 

31st May 

WannaCrypt Ransomware Vulnerability

Following our communication after the WannaCrypt ransomware attack, we would like to update you regarding the vulnerability of our heritage products to the virus. We should emphasise that we have not been notified of any of our products being affected by the virus.

As a reminder, the products in this category are:

- UnitiServe
- NS01
- NS02
- NS03

In the last week and after communications with Microsoft Windows and our own investigations, it is not possible to create a fix for this vulnerability in the near to medium term .  Although the possiblity of infection is unlikely, it is not impossible.  

We trust that you have a back up of your music collection as recommended.  Please note that this is essential and should be done to protect your collection. If you believe that your product has been affected by the virus, we will work with you to ensure that you are back up and playing music as soon as possible.


26th May 

Uniti Atom Shipping

We would like to update you on the release and shipping of Uniti Atom.  The last feature certifications, to confirm our partners' high standards, are in the process of being approved. We have been building Uniti Atoms ready to firmware update and ship.  Pending approval of these certifications, we will commence shipping mid-June. 

We sincerely apologise for the further delay in the release of Uniti Atom.  We are confident sound quality is already superb and locked in and we are working seven days a week to ensure your products are stable and fully functional with full certifications approval.  The frustration is felt by us as well - we would never release a product into the market that did not hold to our high standards, which is why shipping has been delayed.

Uniti Nova and Uniti Star Shipping

Work on Uniti Nova and Uniti Star is progressing well.  The decision has been taken to release Uniti Nova ahead of Uniti Star, to allow more time for testing of the CD ripping process and useability of Uniti Star.

We are aiming to ship Uniti Nova in July, with Uniti Star following soon after.  

15th May

At the weekend, a ransomware event took place that has been well publicised by the media. This event has resulted in Microsoft issuing advice to customers to ensure that all windows computers are fully updated.  Naim Audio would actively advise all customers to follow this advice and update all Windows computers to the latest service release levels.


The following products manufactured by Naim are at a potential risk from the ransomware BUT to our current understanding ONLY if another machine on the network is affected and the virus is then transmitted to the Naim product, either via the internal network or via a USB stick.

- UnitiServe
- NS01
- NS02
- NS03

Naim Audio are currently checking the effects and solutions to the potential vulnerability on our products, but in the interim we strongly advise any and all computers are updated to the latest service pack releases, and anti-virus software is updated to the latest definitions. We further recommend that any USB devices are scanned by the updated virus software prior to usage on the aforementioned products.  As always, we would recommend that backups for the music on these products are maintained.

 With regard to NAS drives and other storage devices you may have (Apple, QNAP etc.) we recommend that the latest anti-virus and other precautions are followed, as recommended by the relevant manufacturer.  Presently we are not aware of a risk to the new Uniti Core server or any other products manufactured by Naim Audio.

Naim Audio are actively pursuing the investigations into this and will give further updates as we know more.



5th May 2017

We are very pleased to announce that our work on the Uniti Core v1.4 Firmware metadata editing update and accompanying v5.6 iOS Naim app release will be available to download this afternoon.

Firmware Update v1.4

Feature: existing user edits on music imported from a previous generation Naim server will be reinstated.
Enabled: editable metadata fields: artist name, album title, track names, genre and album artwork.
Fixed: Occasional dropouts when playing FLAC files.


Naim iOS App Update v5.6

Added: metadata editing functionality now available for Uniti Core
Fixed: missing artist name and album name on the ripping monitor on Uniti Core
Fixed: long title track overlap on now playing screen
Fixed: last ripped filters on Uniti Core

Please Note:

- Editing of Composers and Conductors will not be enabled and is not currently planned as a future update. 
- The metadata editing functionality is based solely within the app, there is no desktop editing functionality.
- Only ripped CDs or CDs imported from a previous Naim server that have been ripped, can be edited.
- Music content in the Downloads Folder cannot be edited so the option will not be available.
- 'Artist Name' cannot be changed globally, only on a per CD basis.
- When a Uniti Core is updated to the firmware which includes the 'Edit Metadata' feature, if the database already includes music from a previously imported Naim collection any user edits applied on that collection will be reinstated automatically.

There is a comprehensive metadata support document available to download from the Uniti Core Support Simulator, follow the link below and type 'Metadata' into the simulator search function.


12th April 2017

Uniti Release Update - Uniti Core Metadata Update

We would like to inform you of the current status regarding the metadata update. Our software work on the metadata feature is now complete and integrated into the Naim app. However, we need to undertake full regression testing to ensure the app works with all Naim legacy products and that you receive a high-quality stable app and firmware update. The software test team is working hard on this step and we are aiming to have the app uploaded to the App Store at the end of April.

 We thank you for your continued patience and support while we put the finishing touches on the metadata software.

13th March 2017

Android App 2.0 Release and Uniti Core 1.3 Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce that v2.0 of the Naim Android app is now available for download from the Play Store. This release will enable all Android users to control the new Uniti Core as well as current Naim streaming systems.  A new v1.3 firmware update is available for download via the Naim app for Uniti Core - the app will prompt you to download the over-the-air update which will contain the fixes listed in the Connection News Item (button below).  There is also a small update for the iOS app, v5.5.2, which contains improvements for new and heritage products.

For release notes and links to the App Store and Play Store, click the button below.  If you have any queries, please contact your local retailer who will be happy to help.

Please note: the play store may take a couple of hours to update itself in your area.



21st March 2017

Uniti Release Update - Uniti Core Metadata Update

As you are aware, the metadata editing functionality for Uniti Core is not currently available.  Our work on this area of the software has been progressing well and we are nearly there.

The update to enable metadata for iOS is now scheduled for release before the middle of April, with Android functionality to follow.  We apologise for the delay and do understand your frustration; it is now in advanced beta test to ensure the update is totally stable.  The release will consist of a Uniti Core firmware update and a Naim app update.

Feature: existing user edits on music imported from a previous generation Naim server will be reinstated.
Enabled: editable metadata fields: artist name, album title, track names, genre and album artwork.



17th March 2017

Uniti Release Update 

We are making positive progress on the certifications work and beta testing for Uniti Atom, which is planned to be shipped at the end of May.  Uniti Star and Uniti Nova will commence shipping in small quantities at the end of June, with the bulk of the orders following in July.  We will shortly begin processing full certifications for AirPlay, Chromecast Built-In, TIDAL, aptX HD, Spotify Connect and HDMI (ARC).  I am pleased to report that certification has been granted on all three Uniti players for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Thank you for your continued patience; the team in Salisbury is working very hard to ensure your Uniti systems reach you with the same high-quality build standard that you would expect from any Naim product.



3rd February 2017

Uniti Core - 1.3 Firmware Update

A firmware release to fix Uniti Core software issues is scheduled for release mid-March.

Naim App for Android

As you are aware, current functionality to control Uniti Core is only available via the Naim iOS App. Our work on the Android App has been progressing well and we are nearly ready for release.  The Android App download will be aligned with the upcoming 1.3 Uniti Core Firmware Update.

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