UnitiLite and Dynaudio MC15

i am asking for advice about how to link up a unitilite and a pair of Dynaudio MC15 speakers which are quite old active speakers. I also have a pair of Kan Mk 1 and a supernait wirh an HDX in a different location. Is there any point linking up the unitilite to them? Ideas, please!

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I think the Dynaudios only have RCA inputs, and the Unitilite only has a DIN4 pre out. So you will need a DIN4 to RCA cable (like the ones Flashbacksales do) and two single RCA to RCA (probably female to male) to connect your speakers to that cable. Or a long DIN4 to RCA cable, if you can split the RCA ends enough. 

On the subject of connecting the UL to the SN, I don't know if the UL can be set to "fixed volume output", which would mean that you would be using the pre section of the UL and only the power section of the SN. Which would probably be a waste, and (most likely) easily bettered for the same money with a nac n 172xs + nap 200

I would have a listen to the Unitilite/Kan setup before committing, to make sure it sounds OK without the extra power of the Supernait.

If you want to move HDX CD rips to a non-Naim device, it is essential to convert them to FLAC on the HDX before you move them, otherwise you will almost certainly find that metadata is not readable. It will also make the transfer quicker, as the file size will be smaller. If you find the HDX music folder on a computer, you can just copy and paste/drag and drop to another drive.

m.paul taylor posted:

How do you convert the files to FLAC?

In N-Serve for Mac, you Control-Click on Albums, then select Encode to > FLAC. It may take a while. If you're a PC user, you'll need to do it in the DTC, but I haven't used it, so not sure exactly where to look.

Perol posted:

Reading this I'm so happy just to pick an album and put it on my turntable not worrying about Flacs and DTCs and other strange shortnames

.....and much as I enjoyed my LP12, I'm glad I no longer have to fret over whether the VTA on my Ittok LVIII was right for the AT-OC9 MLII....and will the NA523 boards still be OK if I move to a Dynavector DV20XH? And don't even get me started on RIAA curves!

Thanks for all the help. I, too, had an LP12 and an Ittok (but could never afford an Asak). I gave it to my nephew who shares many on the forum’s love of vinyl. I don’t miss it but respect those who prefer its characteristics over digital. I have bought the unitilite and will have to transport it a long way. Do I need to do anything to secure it?

m.paul taylor posted:

 I have bought the unitilite and will have to transport it a long way. Do I need to do anything to secure it?

Some Naim CD players have a transit screw underneath which should be in place when you move it. The Uniti has it, but I think the Unitilite probably doesn't - best to check, though. Hopefully it's in its original box, in which case it will be pretty well protected. There should be a remote, which you will need, and a detachable WiFi antenna, which you should throw in the bin and replace with an Ethernet cable!

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