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Hi all,

After a few days away I started up the hifi tonight. US took ages to start with logo constantly flashing.  

After turning the power off on the 3rd attempt it started after about 15 mins. All the albums are still there but the playlists are gone!

I will add that the playlists were created using the nServe on the iPad and I believe that it's best to create playlists using the DTC, is that correct and is the above behaviour indicative of a problem that is likely to return and signs of a bigger problem lurking ?



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I once lost my playlists for no obvious reason, but it was very easy to restore them from the US automated backup on my NAS. As a Mac user, I don't use the DTC, so I use N-Serve to make playlists - I wasn't aware that this might give different results? The flashing light could be an indication that there is a problem with the disc - so I would check that your backup is working properly, just in case.


I did manage to restore playlists using DTC. 

I have also done the differential back up to my NAS, I would imagine most leave their NAS on all the time and the US does this everyday at around 04.00.  I leave mine off until I've ripped a few CD's, there's also a parallel MP3 copy for use on the phone for the car etc.  My Audi doesn't play WAV files and MP3 obviously uses less space.

One thing I can't work out.....

Even though I've backed up playlists, I can only see them/play them by using the app/DTC on the NDX.  If I plug my phone into my laptop and launch US or mybooklive , I can right click on tracks and send to phone.

When I click on the playlists, they're empty(can't move them etc) but they are there to play.

How do I get round this?


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