Unsung Heros?

BBC4 at 22:00 tonight - Rock'n Roll Guns For Hire.

Those essential performers, session players who may or may not record in their own right. Possibly top of my list has to be Sly and Robbie, but with Leonard Cohen, you get Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters.

Other suggestions please.

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Dozey posted:

I loved Larry Carlton on the Steely Dan albums. Could never get on with his own albums however - too MOR/bland.

The album he recorded with Steve Lukather is a cracking good album. Worth checking out.

The electric album he recorded with Robben Ford is also jolly fine. 

Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Craddock and Damon Minchela supported Paul Weller through most of the nineties along with long time drummer Steve White  they formed a cracking live rhythm section. 

Sly and Robbie and the Muscle Shoals band have to be very close to the top of any list though. 

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