V&A Pink Floyd Exhibition

I went last week and really enjoyed it. The new mix of Comfy Numb from Live 8 in surround sound and video was interesting.

The only downside was the large number of visitors, making it difficult to see up close many of the exhibits. I advise going off-peak if you can.

i love Pink Floyd too, all albums between 1969 and 1977. But after i find that they could not propose something new, always the same old tracks on concerts, cooking and cooking always the same music. I saw them twice in concert, between 1988 and 1995:  nice shows, but the magic and fabulous creativity of their first 5 or 6 albums is gone. Just my opinion.

But the show is still amazing....    Sorry if some will disagree, just my feeling, wanted to share.

Original artwork used for WYWH.

IMG_1475 copy

Some selection of transparencies shot for cover.

IMG_1441 copy

There's some beautiful silk screen prints of Floyd covers done and signed by the late Storm Thorgerson for sale at the V&A. They were printed in 2001 and limited to 295. Can't be many left.

IMG_1499 copy

Planning to go next week........how long does it take to get around, I know this depends on an individual but am I looking at the whole day or a couple of hours, just an average so I can arrange my trip accordingly (don't want to rush it)

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