WD MyBook Live NAS for UnitiQute

Hi - as usual - apologies if this has been already asked (I've searched but can't find a suitable thread).  


I intend to get a UnitiQute and all my music is saved as mac AIFF files.  I want a cost-effective and reliable NAS to serve to music to the Qute.


The WD MyBook Live is readily available here (NZ) and quite reasonably priced for 2TBs

The list of 'approved' NAS drives from Naim on this forum seems pretty old now (back in Sept 2010), and WD is not on it.  I could get the LaCie 2Big but it's twice as expensive.


Does anyone have experience running the WD streaming AIFF or Lossless files with a Qute or Uniti?


Would love to hear from you.



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Hi M,


This was posted by Phil Harris of Naim 25th March


"Only just seen this - don't know whether you have got your NAS yet but I have to say that my experience of the WD MyBooks has also not been the best ... In the words of the Top Gear anonymous roadtests "They were a bit 'salty'..." - fine for use as a domestic filestore buuuuuut...

My money would (and did) go on a ReadyNAS as a small NAS drive ... works very well.