What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

dave marshall posted:

  Various Artists - Trojan Classic Reggae - The Soundtrack To Jamaica.

  A great double album selection of the best of Jamaican reggae and ska ........... the sun's out here in North Yorks., so why not? 

I have this album its great , mostly listened to in the car singing loudly to 'Pass the Dutchie' ! What happened to them I wonder ?

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Jennifer Warnes | The Songs of Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition

Jennifer Warnes  | The Songs of Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat: 20th Anniversary Edition

Streaming on NAS.........  Kicking of this Friday morning with a recent purchase, fantastic vocals covering Leonard's songs, a simply sweet combination!  Love this album................

   Various Artists - Treasure Isle Presents Ska - 40 Jamaican Rude Boy Classics.

   Continuing in a Caribbean mood on this sunny North Yorks. afternoon ............ another double album collection of ska favourites,

   including some rarities .............. and at 15p a choon, over on The River, why on earth wouldn't you?

Kevin-W posted:

Normally playing this collection of a brilliant run of singles (and equally brilliant and often experimental B-sides) is a joy, but on this occasion it is tinged with melancholy after the sad passing of Pete Shelley.

UK first press vinyl.


Same here, playing it now after finishing work, a great singles compilation 

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John Mellencamp - Other People's Stuff

John Mellencamp - Other People's Stuff

Streaming on TIDAL........ a mention from TED_P yesterday and from EWEMON today had me reaching out on TIDAL and taking this newly released, December 6th, album out for a spin. From the opening track it is stepping into familiar territory with John's vocals, lyrics and music, sounding mighty fine!   .......also nice to see another senior, 67 year old, still releasing fantastic music.......

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Van Morrison - The Prophet Speaks

Van Morrison - The Prophet Speaks

Van Morrison (vocals, saxophone), Joey DeFrancesco (organ), Dan Wilson (guitar), Micheal Ode (drums) and Troy Roberts (saxophone).

Streaming on TIDAL...........  another new album release from December 6th and Van is sounding fantastic on the opening track.  Some R&B with Van's strong vocals and a great group of musicians working their magic. Van still producing some sweet music at 73!



Pendragon continuing to get more punchy and raunchy with Nick Barret moving them slightly sideways from their prog' rock beginnings, no bad thing because this is a super album that works really well. A much under appreciated band in their homeland but much loved in Germany, Russia and the Scandipean countries.

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