What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

ted_p posted:


Soyuz - Qobuz Streaming

I have never heard of Gazpacho so first time listening to their music, half way through this album really enjoying what I am hearing, will not be surprised if I start buying some of their albums. 


Hi Edward, I believe you have a really good journey of discovery ahead of you. Personally I don't think they have made a bad album, however Demon, March of Ghosts, Missa Atropos and Night stand out for me.

Enjoy, Simon.

"EDIT" BTW I just had to put this on again

Because - The Beatles (from ‘Abbey Road’)

Actually perfect. I just watched the documentary  ‘It Was 50 Years Ago Today’ and listened to Sgt Pepper straight after, but Abbey Road is the album I keep coming back to time and again. It rounds off a pretty lovely weekend.

Goerner’s Chopin gets better with familiarity - his playing is so transparent you don’t need a score to follow his fingers, and while his nocturnes don’t ‘sing’ like Pires’, there is a great balance between feeling and an intellectual deliberation. 



John Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter. Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. On vinyl from 2017. I've made a couple recent additions to my Mellencamp holdings and now have all his studio albums, save for a rarity from 1978 entitled "A Biography". Not quite through my first listen to this, his most recent, and I would already consider it one of the standouts of those 23 albums.

Now Playing..........

Wayne Horwitz - Otis Spann & Other Compositions

Wayne Horwitz - Otis Spann and Other Compositions 

Wayne Horwitz (piano, electronics), Seattle Chamber Players: Mikhail Schmidt (violin), David Sabee (cello), Laura De Luca (clarinets), and Paul Taub (flutes).

Streaming on NAS.........  ending the day with a familiar album that I enjoy, a nice way to end a Sunday evening.....

DrMark posted:

Back as a kid when I only had 4 albums this was one of them:

Funny you mention back as a kid and having only 4 albums. My first TT, around age 10 or 11, was a portable blue plastic clamshell model with a single small speaker, no idea of the maker. The first three LPs I remember buying to play on it were from Tom Jones, Chicago, and The Carpenters. The fourth was The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour. That fourth album set my in stone my listening predilections for the future. I still own it and it's playable. The first three LPs were eventually grabbed by my mother and are long since lost to the world.

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