What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Kleiber's (in)famous recording of Tristan - his last studio recording, he ran away out of frustration before it was finished, and DG had to mop up using rehearsal takes. None of this made it into the accompanying literature, of course .

It's a great performance in its own right. Feverishly intense, beautifully sung although by singers would would likely not be able to carry it off live.


At a conservative estimate I’ve bought 40+ albums seen on this thread (some where I bought box sets or complete works of new artists) since I joined the board earlier this year, thanks to all the people who’ve inspired me. Happy New Year all.


FInishing the year with my album of the year.

I don't normally create playlists, but since I've had the 552/500 combination I've been enjoying jumping around my music collection which is ripped to the NS01 to try out loads of favourite tracks. Track to track volume shifts can be a bit of a problem, but it's such fun! Currently enjoying a couple of tracks with the gorgeous voice of Natalie Merchant.

And this version if Space Oddity gives the original a run for its money!

Happy New Year's Eve from Valhalla.We've been spinning the sound track to Baby Driver on original vinyl. A real salmagundi of music, with wide contrasts in recording quality, and styles. Mike overload is obvious in some, and although that appeals to some to get away from pristine clarity, it really jars my godly sens e of harmony. The various ambiences of the recording venues stand out really clearly as does the hopelessly arhythmic bass playing on Brubeck's Unsquare Dance. Maybe that's the point, the rhythm is anything but 4/4 square, the feeling is human and the playing all the more emotional. Lovely track. Great album. 

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