What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

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The Gloaming - 2

The Gloaming - 2

Streaming on NAS.......... Delivered today to the house, ripped to NAS and now taking out for a spin. A recent mention in this thread of this Celtic group had me purchase their three albums. Enjoy their music quite a bit!

Sloop John B posted:

Although I’ve always meant to explore Guy Clark it is only today that I listened to  this album. Tidal really is a game changer when it comes to exploring. 

Talk about a fully formed debut!

nere a dud on this LP. 


Considered by many to be one of the finest albums of Texas music ever released. An absolute true classic.


Charles Lloyd - Sangam

Charles Lloyd - Sangam

Charles Lloyd (saxophone, tarogato, flute, piano, percussion), Zakir Hussain (tabla, percussion), and Eric Harland (drums, percussion, piano).

Streaming on NAS....... Picked up over the weekend and taking out for the albums first spin. Opening track with saxophone and lots of percussion and sounding mighty sweet........

nigelb posted:
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Stevee_S posted:
MDS posted:

Another addition to my Cara Dillon collection. I think this is her debut album but I'm not sure.

Yes it is, Mike. The reliable Discogs have it as being released in 2001 as her debut.


Thanks, Steve. Picked it up for a couple of quid and am enjoying it. 

Absolute steal Mike. Beautiful album.

Ordered this CD yesterday couple of quid off the bay looking forward to it being delivered.

Double vinyl released 2000 - Excellent album.😎

Brian Blade- drums, guitar & vocals

Melvin Butler- tenor & soprano saxophone

Jon Cowherd- piano & keyboards

Dave Easley- pedal steel guitar

Kurt Rosenwinkel- electric & acoustic guitars

Christopher Thomas- bass

Myron Walden- alto sax & bass clarinet

Daniel Lanois- guitars (tracks 8 & 9 only)

Joni Mitchell- vocal (track 8 only) 

Tabby cat posted:

Haven't given this a spin for a while and thoroughly enjoying.The start of the Musical Box is magic the atmosphere sort of sends you back to a Victorian time.Genesis could certainly do atmosphere - Playing on Vinyl on Charisma Records 1971


couldn't agree more, wonderful album from their early, very creative period, creating a terrific atmosphere. 


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