What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Although I didn't plan this, I've just realised that the next selection has another link with Canada.  Daniel Lanois ( born in Canada) and his LP Acadie.  Some high profile collaborators on this (Brian Eno, members of U2 and the Neville Brothers).

Richard Thompson- Celtschmerz - WAV CD rip

RT recorded live on a solo,tour in 1998, joined for the later songs by his son Teddy. Brilliant songs , superbly sung, , and a masterclass in acoustic guitar playing, every note enhancing the emotion of the music.

Prichard Thompson - Celtschmerz, WAV CD rip

RT live in 1998,  solo aciustic, joined by his son Teddy for later numbers. Lovely songs, superbly sung, and a masterclass in acoustic guitar playing, every note in the right place to enhance the emotion. 

2 x LP - Pschent 2015 reissue : )

Side A
1. Ambrosia - A Reminiscent Drive
  2. Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) - Shirley Bassey
  3. Les Chrysanthèmes - Cosmos Sound Club
  4. Hi-fi Trumpet (Boyz from Brazil Mix) - Stereo Action Unlimited
  5. Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix) - Coco Steel & Lovebomb
Side B
  6. Late Lounge Lover - Hacienda
  7. Latazz - The Funky Lowlives
  8. Appollo (Adam Goldstone Edit) - Cujo & Superstars of Rock
Side C
  9. Cruisin' - Can 7
  10. Timeless (Orange Factory Remix) - Gazzara
  11. PNC Aux Portes - Stephane Pompougnac
  12. Cleopatra in New York - Nickodemus
Side D
  13. Electrologe - Trouble Makers
  14. Last Tango in Paris - Gotan Project
  15. Every Time (A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix) - Lustral
~ <> ~

  Fink - Biscuits For Breakfast.

  Whenever I'm a bit "stuck" I always seem to revert to something from Mr. Greenall, and whichever album I'm listening to, instantly

  becomes my favourite ................... this album is simply sublime.

  Wonder which might be my favourite Fink album tomorrow? 

Tedeschi Trucks - Let Me Get By (2016). Some good grooves on this album. MQA Tidal via Audirvana on Win 10 wired laptop to wired Mu-So. Giving Audirvana a trial, so far, good. It does the first unfold, this one is 24/96.

Alba1320 posted:

The Runrig weekend continues...


"Recovery" - Runrig (CD)


"Heartland" - Runrig (CD)


"The Cutter & The Clan" - Runrig (CD)

Now I'm going to have to play Discovery and Heartland to my heart's content. Time was when my academic son was considered for the post of resident keyboardist with the 'Rig'. 

Freddie White is a bit of an institution in Ireland, an excellent interpreter and wonderful guitarist. These are solo guitar renditions of many songs he has played live over the years but never recorded. It’s on Tidal, well worth checking out, particularly Ashes to Ashes and Going, going, gone and nothing compares to you




seakayaker posted:

Now Playing........

Pat Metheny Group - American Garage

Pat Metheny Group - American Garage

Streaming on NAS...........   Saturday night and spending a little time with the Pat Metheny Group before calling it a night....... and they are sounding mighty sweet!

My introduction to Pat when it first came out and probably still my fav album of his.

Nigel 66 posted:

Have to thank you Nigel for giving me a kick to dig out this terrific album for a listen again only to find the disc missing. So bought another copy last night. I have always been a big fan of Russell's songwriting. Truly underrated band who consistently put out really good albums.

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