What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Although I didn't plan this, I've just realised that the next selection has another link with Canada.  Daniel Lanois ( born in Canada) and his LP Acadie.  Some high profile collaborators on this (Brian Eno, members of U2 and the Neville Brothers).

Richard Thompson- Celtschmerz - WAV CD rip

RT recorded live on a solo,tour in 1998, joined for the later songs by his son Teddy. Brilliant songs , superbly sung, , and a masterclass in acoustic guitar playing, every note enhancing the emotion of the music.

Prichard Thompson - Celtschmerz, WAV CD rip

RT live in 1998,  solo aciustic, joined by his son Teddy for later numbers. Lovely songs, superbly sung, and a masterclass in acoustic guitar playing, every note in the right place to enhance the emotion. 

2 x LP - Pschent 2015 reissue : )

Side A
1. Ambrosia - A Reminiscent Drive
  2. Where Do I Begin (Away Team Mix) - Shirley Bassey
  3. Les Chrysanthèmes - Cosmos Sound Club
  4. Hi-fi Trumpet (Boyz from Brazil Mix) - Stereo Action Unlimited
  5. Yachts (A Man Called Adam Mix) - Coco Steel & Lovebomb
Side B
  6. Late Lounge Lover - Hacienda
  7. Latazz - The Funky Lowlives
  8. Appollo (Adam Goldstone Edit) - Cujo & Superstars of Rock
Side C
  9. Cruisin' - Can 7
  10. Timeless (Orange Factory Remix) - Gazzara
  11. PNC Aux Portes - Stephane Pompougnac
  12. Cleopatra in New York - Nickodemus
Side D
  13. Electrologe - Trouble Makers
  14. Last Tango in Paris - Gotan Project
  15. Every Time (A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix) - Lustral
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