What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Christopher_M posted:

Meadow - Blissful Ignorance

Okay, I'm listening to this for pleasure ....but I'm amazed hardly anyone else seems to get it. Maybe some of the Music Room's big time influencers will pick it up. (I have no vested interest).

......looked for the group 'Meadow' on TIDAL and found no listings.........   

Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Rust Never Sleeps. On original vinyl from 1979. I think this was the first NY album I bought and maybe for that reason remains my favorite. Live recordings with overdubs, it nonetheless has consistently vibrant tonality and excellent SQ throughout. 

It's been a while since I listened to MM's Blue Note. Hank's Mobley's Bag's Groove both in 33 and 45. ( borrowed from a friend )

45's definitely sounds more real  and tactile due to improved dynamic contrasts and added textures and colours. Piano still sounds muffled, however.

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