What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

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Ray LaMontagne - Trouble

Ray LaMontagne - Trouble

Streaming on TIDAL..........  I have been enjoying Ray's 'Till the Sun Turns Black' quite a bit when I am in the car and need to explore more of his music, so this afternoon I went looking and found 'Trouble.'   .......Ray is sounding mighty fine, fantastic voice, lyrics and music!

dave marshall posted:

   Muddy Waters - Folk Singer.

   Chess Records thought they'd cash in on the folk music boom with this one, except it ain't folk at all, nuthin' but the blues here folks.

    Muddy goes acoustic with able assistance from Willie Dixon on bass, Clifton James on drums and a young Buddy Guy on second


    The recording is absolutely spot on, with lots of room reverb, and a "live" feel to it.

    Even better, it's available for peanuts on The River, as part of a two album on 1 CD package which also includes the album 

    "Muddy Waters sings Big Bill Broonzy" .................. another gem. 

Funny that it wasn't even rated as a good blues album by real blues afficianados at the time.

The son of Ralph Bass one of the Producers used to post on here at one time.

Haven't seen anything posted by him for awahile

Having enjoyed Get With It last evening, I closed off the evening with the remixed version of the track He Loved Him Madly from this album which appears in its original form on the other album. I decided to start today by playing this front to back. It's not an album I play that often, but is a very accessible route into Miles' later material. Very enjoyable.

Back to Her Bobness. From the marvellous The Girl from Chickasaw County box set, and the Touch 'Em With Love chapter/disc. The bonus tracks include songs recorded for the 'lost' 'jazz album'. These are stunning - what a thing of beauty that album would have been had it been finished!

  Billy F Gibbons - The Big Bad Blues.

  The Reverend get back to his blues beginnings with this storming album ................. which I can now listen to as a CD rip, rather than

  streaming via Tidal, as my HDX is back home today, having been completely re-Naimed. Phew! 

Vince Gill - Down to my Last Bad Habit, WAV CD rip

@Ewemon kindly suggested a couple of Vince Gill  albums when I mentioned I was a country music neophyte. 1st of the two discs to arrive, and it’s a beauty, plaintive and upbeat songs, sung with deep feeling, played by a top notch band. Brilliant country album, and a top-class album of any form.

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