What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Inter alia:

AHa: Hunting High and Low

Fun Lovin' Criminals: Loco: original vinyl: never sounded so good: the 250 DR now on song, 3 months after upgrade.

Run Daddy Run has such a wide soundstage it's outside the listening room!

Bass? oh yeah! SBL gurus, you don't  know what you're missing...duck and run for cover, although I don't need to, since I'm immortal (don't believe everything you see in the Marvel films) 

I bought this in Tokyo a few weeks ago. This is the two-disc SACD of the ’76 Mahler 9th plus the ’78 Schubert “unfinished.” Tower Records Japan has been collaborating with Universal (DG, Decca, Philips) to release SACD’s of the back catalog. Really nice transfers!

By the way, in case you haven’t been to Japan lately, CD stores are alive and well with huge crowds at Tower, HMV, Disk Union, Virgin, etc.

Mahler: Symphony 9 / Schubert: Symphony 8

Christopher_M posted:

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk

I wanted to hear Sara

Yes, I like Tusk but I find the best way to listen is to skip the Lindsay Buckingham "thrash" tracks and wallow in the delight of those sung by the girls.  Please feel free to disagree if I've got it all wrong {again}.

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