What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested? (Vol. XIV)

Mike-B posted:
dave marshall posted:

  Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give Up - The Original Memphis Recordings.

  On now on Beeb 4, the making of the album, followed by an hour of David Rodigan, the grandaddy of UK reggae.

Interesting prog on Primal Scream,  it filled in a lot of blanks 

Really looking forward to the David Rodigan set,  arie 

Really interesting program, loved the bit watching them with engineercutting the vinyl master.

ALANP posted:

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Wings - Back To The Egg, the final band album before McCartney appeared to tire of the format.Seems to have undergone a critical re appreciation in later years.

I liked that album a lot way back in the day . . . just downloaded it myself. I've not listened to it in a few decades.

I've missed the last week or 2 of this thread and don't know if this has been posted; I'd assume it has.folder

The "remix" is not as severe as Sgt. Peppers (which we like too) - this is not a ding on the Sgt. Pepper's remix.  The sound from the hi-res download is fantastic.

The "Esher" rehearsal sessions are phenomenal and WELL worth hearing; it's a joy to hear the boys having so much fun together.  My wife's comment was really interesting; the George and John songs were still very much works in progress at Esher, and especially John was cutting up quite a bit during the rehearsals, but Paul's songs were highly polished - he played Blackbird in a form totally ready to go on the album. "Paul was always the perfectionist" she said.

The White Album was one of the first Beatles lp's I bought, and it's always been a favorite.


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Listening to the February 1960 recording of the “Jupiter” symphony. In case you’re wondering, the Columbia Symphony Orchestra was really the Los Angeles Philharmonic for recordings done in LA, and the New York Philharmonic for recordings done in NYC. The conductor (Walter, Szell, Bernstein, Stravinsky, etc.) would then “hand pick” a few other musicians for the recordings. Another great budget box set from Sony.

 Bruno Walter Conducts Mozart

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