What book are you reading right now?

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tonym posted:

I've been waiting eagerly for this, the seventh book in the Shardlake series. I was alerted to these superb novels by my next-door neighbour, a professor of history, who was very impressed with the historical accuracy of the stories, as well as the high quality of the writing. All seven books have been of a similar standard, with exciting plots, great characters, and satisfying conclusions. Highly recommended!

I’ve just bought my copy today! Also a huge fan.

I read this book by C J Sansom not too long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have since bought Winter in Madrid, but have yet to start it.  I will need to give the Shardlake series a try.

Jeff Anderson posted:

Scott Samuelson  -  "Seven Ways 0f Looking At Pointless Suffering"  (2018)

Perhaps l am too thin (versus thick) in the head, but this is so circular in nature my head is spinning.  l had hoped to be enlightened but instead am going in circles (ie; Pointless Suffering).  So returning it unfinished so l may pick-up the below which is on hold for me (the danger of having multiple books on hold and not knowing when they will show up).

John Kerry  -  "Every Day ls Extra"  (2018)

tonym posted:

The second book of Mr Rayner's hilarious lousy restaurant reviews. Not one to take himself seriously, the book begins with some scathing quotes about him - " ...a face like monkfish genitalia, and so ugly he makes you gasp"

That's on my Xmas list Tony. Love Rayner's writing, he has that rare gift of making the reader laugh out loud, especially if he's eviscerating some pretentious and overpriced celeb haunt. He's about the best thing in the Grauaniad right now, and I always look forward to reading his reviews on a Sunday morning.


   Irvine Welsh - Skagboys.                                         Irvine Welsh - The Blade Artist.                             Irvine Welsh - A Decent Ride.

   Catchin' up wi' Renton, Spud, Sick Boy an' Begbie wi'  these wans, thit Ah've somehoo missed.

   Jist a bit o' cheery pre- Christmas readin', ken.

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