What DVD have you just watched?

Film of the superb Firefly series which was cancelled after 14 episodes!

Rubbish cowboys in Space. Only watched the 2 1/2 episodes. Wooden acting could have been Thunderbirds(puppets).Failed my main test if they were all killed how would I feel. Answer relieved.
Thankfully I only borrowed it.

Originally posted by Allan Probin:
tonight's treat was to have been "Lawrence of Arabia".

I could lend you my copy, how about a 552 as security? Oh, keep the disk as long as you like BTW.

Sadly, we are in the same boat - DVD of L of A and no 552.

I have just (re) watched LoA and found it spectacularly unconvincing.
Peter O'Toole spends the film looking petulant, pretty and effete.
The film seems bent on exposing the complexities of the man and situation but ends up doing a disservice to both. If it was intended to celebrate Lawrence it could hardly have done worse if he had been played by John Inman.

To the future – the DVD goes back to Blockbusters, a small explosion, the breaching of the research department outer perimeter and a 552 joins me for Christmas. It will be a good 2006.

COMPLETELY disagree with you here!

LoA is probably the one film I would take to a desert island.

To me it portrays the complexities of the human condition. The way in which Lawrence tried in vain to bring about the result he wanted; and was used as a pawn, by both the GB politicos and the Arabic leaders.....superb.

David Lean at his best.

Radiohead - 7 Television Commercials: great music videos of classic radiohead material. Really been getting into music videos since watching the WarpVision Videos 1989-2004 and Works of Chris Cunningham.

Also watched Serpico, for the first time. One of Pachino's finest performances and a great taste of of US's finest period in film maiking IMHO.
Battlestar Galactica, Disc 1.

I wonder if the people of the twenty fifth century [or whenever it is] will really plot courses through hyperspace by drawing on paper? And will they really use shaky hand-held cameras to film space battles?

Good to see that Galactica's Vipers still bear a passing resemblance to UFO's Interceptors.

Distractions aside, I'm not really sure what to make of it. I didn't get bored while watching it but I think I need to watch disc 2 before forming an opinion...
Which part of the Netherlands, the headoffice of the company i work for is in Vendam
are you sure you don't mean Veendam? That is up in the north part. I live near Eindhoven which is down in the south part.

On topic just finished ..Mr & Mrs Smith.

Boxing day TV in the Uk at this time of day (evening) is a load of dribble, soooooo, as yesterday was a good day for DVDs I am now half way through disc 2 of 'Looney Tunes' Golden Collection Vol II, ie, loads & loads of Beep Beep, Beep Beep... and it has brightened up the evening no end. That and de-fragging the PC.. or 4 hours of Corrie, or I ask you.. True Grit??? I wonder if Coyote got all his acme stuff on line.....
Watched "The Godfather" yesterday. Had forgotten just how good it is. Sounded wonderful in 2 channel via 282/200.
For light relief from the dire fare on broadcast tv over the holiday period watched several dvds, including "Die hard", the ultimate unChristmas story set at Christmas! Yippeekayay....
Saw Serenity - throroughly enjoyed it. Mr Whedon's trademark dialogue, very funny.

Bought Firefly just before Xmas, 17.99. A good buy, but with some weak episodes. Still a shame it was cancelled.

Just ordered a whole bunch of films from Play inc:

Ruthless People. One of the funniest films I have ever seen.

The Third Man.

King Kong (1933).

Adams Rib. Classic stuff.

The Man From Laramie. My daughters, 15 & 11, really enjoy James Stewart.

King Rat. Can't remember seeing the film - but the book is very good.

Duck Soup & Marx Brothers box set. Be interested to see what the girls think of these.

Carnival Band/Maddy Prior 'An Evening Of Carols And Capers' (bought it mainly for 4 songs previously unrecorded)
- 2nd lively half of show quite good, almost as good as their recent performance in Bristol.
So far I have not bothered to listen in 5:1, as stereo sound and whomping double-bass quite moving enough.
Family forced me to get Shrek 2 films when they were released, and I agree that they are worth watching every now and then.

It is IMO worth getting hold of 'Shrek 2 1/2', the 15 minute stereovision (stick on your coloured goggles) short given away with some editions ...
Films etc seem to be more important quite rightly IMO than 'Music' DVD material to people who have replied to this topic.

I confess to on the cheapest BBC site having just ordered all of funny 'Only Fools And Horses' 25 DVD - almost-complete (7 unreleased 'Lost Episodes' I watched from P2P download VCD yesterday), also to ordering the only £69 from amazon.co.uk 'Inspector Morse' 33 DVD collection. I arrived late to OFAH, and although I might have seen most Morse Oxford carnage on original TV broadcast, I want to:
a) Catalogue how many different record-turntable/systems are shown in his shows.
b) Check how many times others/he really had an alcoholic beverage.
c) How often his character was really rebuffed romantically by operatic Diva.

My favourite DVD purchase is usually TV (usually BBC apart from 'Father Ted') great comedy.

I admit to having bought all of 'Lovejoy' DVDs just to watch first 7 episodes I never saw/a couple of specials, and have not played all of episodes I last saw on UKTVGold in 2004.

Can anyone recommend please a good UK purchase of nice multiregion portable DVD player ...
25 Only Fools And Horses DVDs/package were/are IMO excellent, althought to complete there are 8 'little unreleased thingies' downloadable from e.g. Shareaza/WinMX.

Have just started on 33 Inspector Morse DVDs, and am just about to check that record-deck ('Richards Research') all over 1st episode about murdering hifi company partner is probably a Logic DM101 with Rega RB300. Naim amps/Sennheiser headphones/Vivaldi Gloria/portable radios/beer everywhere too.
I see that someone might have been enjoying Mark Bros films - excellent - ditto Maltese Falcon/piles of great old mono movies which I seem to have on videotape.

My oldest DVD is now 5 years old, and I hope that the digital media lasts (at least) as long as the old tapes.
Originally posted by Hammerhead:
Layer Cake. It's such a cool film. I can see Daniel Craig being a great Bond based on his performance in this. Michael Gambon brilliant as ever.

Yet to unwrap 'Lost in Translation' and 'War of the Worlds'.

Have to agree. Layer Cake is a superb film. A bit like the Usual Suspects in that you have to concentrate on what's going on.

Also , check out 'The Way of the Gun'. Another cracking film by the director of the aforementioned Usual Suspects.
Italian Job 2005 ...darned good and showcase the BMW red,white and blue mini's and Charlize Theron rather well.

Italian Job 1969 ... a classic re-release with awesome audio and video production that I have been looking out for about 20 years now. Showcases classic red,white and blue mini's of the kind that JV tuned and raced...and Michael Caine.

War of the Worlds '53 ... with full glory 3-strip technicolor and features that I want to watch again. A Sci-Fi classic for the ages and includes the infamous Orson Welles Radio show...

Battle of Britain '69 ... awesome movie, cast, true story, sound, video, added features...showcases the spitfire and Michael Caine again.

Pink Floyd concert in Pompeii

Starry night DVD that came with the telescope I bought for one of my daughters...and an eyeful of Mars! (my first random pick in the nights sky on our first starry night here in Chicago since xmas) and the moon in all it's glory.

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