What fish have you caught recently?

Kiwi cat posted:

Come on guys, there must be some other anglers out there. Show me your mullets or halibuts!

You'd think that, wouldn't you? But every time I ever asked a "fisherman" whether they are catching anything, the answer is always no. Fishing requires the participation of an actual fish. That seems vanishingly rare. Otherwise it's just boating or relaxing.

Thanks Watchet and Mike for posting such great photos of the brown trout and GT. I have never caught a trout or GT and they are lovely examples.

Of course I had not taken into account that the majority of forum members are in the Northern hemisphere and that many of you are suffering from frozen lakes and storms etc, not the most pleasant or auspicious time for fishing. So I will refrain from posting any February tomato growing challenges!

Anyway if you have any fishy photos, keep them coming, possibly with your handsome/ beautiful faces in the picture as it is nice to put a face to an avatar.

All the best from the balmy south seas. So long and thanks for the fish!




Nothing wrong with frozen lakes Kiwi Cat.  When I lived in US we spent many a weekend on Minnesota lakes ice fishing.  Our office club set up a hut as soon as the ice could take it & it was good for a few months,   That said I prefered outside fishing rather than inside the hut, -20'C  pah!!!  gimme -20'F anyday.  

A beautiful day on the south Wairarapa coast. It is such a privilege to live in an area with such natural beauty.

6 hours fishing resulted in one fish, this 6lb , 56 cm kahawai. Pound for pound one of the worlds great fighting fish on light tackle. Sadly not the greatest eating and usually thrown back. A fisherman next door asked if he could have it for hot smoking in Manuka wood chips, and promptly dispatched it. The resulting post-mortem photo does not do the poor thing justice, they are a blue silver colour with brown spots.  

After fishing completed, drove 30 minutes north to Martinborough, a rural town famous for world class wines. Bought some Te Hera Pinot Noir at a wine tasting. A very good day.

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