What goes around, comes around!

OK, I had my Rogers LS3/5A speakers for over 30 years (bought in 1980).  I was always somewhat bothered by the lack of dynamics and bottom end.  I used them mostly with a passive subwoofer, crossed over at 100Hz which mitigated the upper bass bump, gave them some real bass and, to some extent, some real dynamics.  However, I sold the LS3/5As when I came across a pair of Harbeth LS5/12As which I bought in the hope of a revelation.........  Not to be.    So I sold the LS5/12As and bought a pair of Aerial 5Bs which have served me reasonably well for the last 15 years. 

But I noticed that I just wasn't listening to music as much as I used to, which I attributed to my being "too busy".  Well, I retired, had plenty of time on my hands, and still wasn't listening to the music.  It dawned on me that I should probably admit my mistake and buy another pair of LS3/5As.  Which I did.  And suddenly I'm listening to my music again!

What goes around comes around.  Hard to believe a 40+ year old speaker can still be doing things right!


LP12/Ekos2/Argo i, Stageline K, HDX, NAC252, Supercap, NAP250.2, Aerial 5B, LS3/5a, HL-P3ESR

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Congratulations on getting back with the LS 3 5 A' s and the pleasure they are bringing.

I am also have a pair which I use in a vintage system and alternate with some Focal floorstanders.Agree about their bass performance but they more than make up with their midrange clarity.Find them magic with classical and radio broadcasts.Have also had Linn Kans in the past and prefer the accuracy of the Rogers.One of those Audio classic products,just like the Quad ElS 57.

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