What Has Happened To Tidal?

Tidal replied to my mail. Although the dropout issue seemed to have already improved a bit over the course of last week, they recommended two actions:

1) Switch off router/switches then back on starting with router, then any connected switches one by one.
This worked for me, I haven't had any dropouts since doing this. I should have done this standard practice as soon as I started to get dropouts - I guess I was just being lazy..

2) Change DHCP servers to google public servers ( and in your device or router
I didn't try this as my issue seems resolved, but will see if it works should the problem come back.

Agreed, Tidal very much improved through 272. Defo was background listening only for me before update.

First track I played post update was an instant, 'Eureka' type moment and have used it an awful lot more for listening in main system since.

Vinyl, CD, USB still sound stronger IMO tho'...

nigelb posted:
sjbabbey posted:

I’d guess that as both UPnP and Tidal (internet) use the LAN ethernet input into the streamer they will share the same path via the SHARC processor into the streamer’s DAC and benefit (or otherwise depending on your point of view) from the DSP upgrade in the 4.6 firmware.

That would make sense as the level of improvement (significant) from the 4.6 update I hear on UPnP is equivalent to that via Tidal streaming.

I was 'trialling' albums on Tidal this evening which I am considering buying on CD and was listening to 'Smoke and Noise' by Chris Jones and Steve Baker and was struck by the quality old Chris' guitar (and when he slides his acoustic guitar it is intoxicating) and vocals and Steve's harmonica. Every track was so entertaining. This is a superbly recorded live album and listening to it I just had to visit the River and buy the CD.

Having paid a reasonable sum for a fine album on CD, I thought 'why did I do that'? This is the first time I have questioned the need to possess the CD over listening on Tidal, it was that good. Anyway, I will get the chance to do a direct comparison of CD vs Tidal of the same album post 4.6 update.

Is Tidal now beginning to challenge the SQ of ripped CD? Interesting times.


Further to my above post and me questioning my sanity in buying a CD when it sounded so good on Tidal post 4.6 update, the CD in question turned up in the post today and I have just ripped it and listening to it now on my NDS. The CD in question is Smoke And Noise by Chris Jones and Steve Baker.

I really wasn't expecting a great improvement over listening to this via Tidal as I remember being so impressed with Tidal after 4.6. Well listening to Smoke And Noise, the ripped CD has pretty much blown Tidal away. Don't get me wrong, Tidal SQ had improved with 4.6 IMV, but so has locally streamed material from my NAS (and UnitiServe), which I of course already knew. I guess this is the first time I have carried out a proper comparison of Tidal vs ripped CD of the same material post 4.6 update, although I realise mastering versions will vary.

So Tidal is improving but CD still remains supreme, well in this home, listening via this system with these ears.

BTW I have yet greater regard for this CD and I would thoroughly recommend it if you like a bit of Country/Blues performed by artists with exceptional musical and vocal talents. This is one superb album.

RIP Chris.