What is the latest music you downloaded, what resolution and from where?

From Bandcamp | 16 Bit FLAC & MP3 320

"Cousin Silas and Kevin Lyons do it again. With "The Fortean Project " they have created another album of dark and atmospheric soundscapes, an album that will soundtrack your wildest Cyclopean nightmares and provide aural accompaniment for your weirdest of unexplainable experiences. The sounds presented here are deliciously dark and seriously spooky, they have a vibrancy that fans of dark ambient will totally get..."


Markus Reuter - The Great Steppe Live

If you don't wish to pay anything for this then you download this for free as offered by Markus.

From Bandcamp 16 bit FLAC

"This album is a live recording of Steppe-Scape performance at the Spirit of Astana festival in Astana (Kazakhstan), June 23, 2017, which is organized by The Spirit of Tengri festival team from Almaty (Kazakhstan).

The Spirit of Tengri is a prominent international festival of contemporary ethnic music, a multicultural project that joins ethnic musicians from all over the world on the Kazakh soil. It is a way to unite and accumulate the contribution of contemporary musicians and preserve the heritage of the ancestors."



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