What music would you want to be played at your funeral?

I have been to a few funerals recently and came to the conclusion that I would rather the money be spent by family on a nice holiday and remember me that way, some time after the event. They can scatter my ashes as they see fit. This is now in my will, people obviously have other views and that's fine......


Toccata and Fugue in D- Minor.   Would raise a few eyebrows, especially if given from a humongous organ in a cathedral.  And played by Damien Hirst or the ghosts of Vincent price and boris Karloff.  Sorry my gothic imagination is getting carried away.

I've had to select funeral music on two occasions - in both cases the deceased left no wishes. No idea what I'd like.



Carmen Mcrae: Last Night When We Were Young

Keith Jarrett: The Way You Look Tonight (solo piano)


Edith Piaf: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Chopin: Nocturnes


Bertie Norman posted:

Beethoven String Quartet No 15 in A minor Op 132 - Slow movement played by the Busch Quartet - no prayers or anything else; just the music


I have this recording and was prompted by your post to listen to it again in the context of a funeral. In isolation that third movement will certainly have an emotional impact - as if the mourners won't be sad enough already! Superb choice though.

This is what differentiates the Busch Quartet recordings.

On the way in, "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends",  Emerson, Lake & Palmer

"Fire", Crazy World Of Arthur Brown as the coffin goes into the oven.

"Ramble On" by the Mighty Zep (although I tip my hat to the earlier suggestion of " Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen!)


Richard Morris posted:

I've had to select funeral music on two occasions - in both cases the deceased left no wishes. No idea what I'd like.


This is why I think leaving a playlist is a good idea. One of my uncles was a man of exceedingly broad tastes - amongst other things introduced me to Dusseldorf and to Gamelan music ( in the context of Britten's War Requiem). Yet when he died the music at his funeral was so anodyne - his widow, who hadn't shared his interests in music, just picked something "nice". I felt that a opportunity to capture an aspect of his his character was lost.

This is the CD on Amazon.   Live sound style.  10 for performance.  7-8 for sound.   This has meant a lot to me personally.   I have given these to grieving families.  Truly outstanding.  Check out the youtube thread and you might find something you prefer.


I really do love this old style of music.  This is another great one.   Come see us some time and we can hear a reasonable facsimile live.


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